Thursday, May 17, 2007

Still tinkering

Hey guys! It has been a busy beginning of the week for me. I have been tinkering with my new photography blog (almost done) and coming up with a new banner for this one (I like to change things up a bit every so often) which has left me little time to do much else on the computer. Also, we had a nasty storm the night before last and our power was out for 13 hours. I had planned on posting this card that night, but obviously couldn't. So real quickly here is the card I did earlier this week. Final size is 5x5.

  • MME paper
  • Chocolate Chip CS
  • Chipboard flowers (JoAnn's)
  • Cuttlebug flowers die (thank you piece)
  • Karen Foster rub-on
  • velvet ribbon, sheer polka dot ribbon, felt, buttons, stickles, pop dots, push pin, brown marker
Now back to the storm we had. That morning Joe and I decided to move Jolee and Ava into an upstairs bedroom. We rent a pretty big farm house and except for the bathroom we don't use any of the rooms upstairs except for storage. I have been sorting and cleaning and cleaning and sorting and had cleaned out a lot of the stuff upstairs so we decided it might be nice for them to move up there. It was a pretty quick move (except for the bed that I had to take apart, move upstairs, and put back together by myself) and they were so excited that they got a 'new room'! However, I didn't realize just how bad that storm was supposed to be later that night. They had already fallen asleep by the time it started. It was nasty, let me tell ya. And once our power went out I was up there carrying them down to lay in my bed. They were mad at me for waking them up! The thunder shook the whole house and they were mad at me! I thought that was amusing! I ended up taking them back up once the storm was over but since then they have been just great up there.

Since I haven't gotten my blog completely up yet I just wanted to share a picture quickly with you. I took this one last week and I think it will be a favorite of mine forever. Joe doesn't see why I love it so much but there is just something about it, I dunno.

P.S. Hmmm, can you get what the title to my photography blog is gonna be?! (check the watermark)


Meli Mitchell said...

I can see why that photo would be a favorite of's so sweet!
Great card as well. I love the flowers. You are so clever Miss. Heidi!
Sorry about the storm. We have been having them so bad down here in Texas. Our neighbor had a tree fall on his house and lost power for three days. It was awful. Luckily...we have not had anything bad happen to us...keep your fingers crossed!

Heather said...

Sweet Feet???

Juile Masse said...

Pretty card and great feet picture!!!

Colleen said...

What an adorable picture...I LOVE the way the angle goes up...I can't wait for your new blog.

Laura Hit said...

I can totally see why you love it. I love it and they aren't my kids! So sweet - I love how people can capture so many unique and meaningful moments with their camera.

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Ohhh that photo!!! Ohhh my gosh you must be lovin' your new camera!!! One day girl, one day I will have one too! Can't wait till you post a link to Sweet line photography!
ohhh and I hear ya about the storm, I am from Winnipeg & it is know for super huge storms!!!
(They used to always scare me).

Rose Ann said...

I love your picture! Bare piggies are the best! Too cute!!

Ally Stamps said...

very very cute!! I take pics of my kiddos feet and hands all the time and my hubby does not understand. So I feel ya!! Greta pic though!