Friday, March 30, 2007

Can't put this paper away!

Alright, I just HAD to make another quick card with this paper! The scraps from earlier were just screaming my name! I used this layout from an old Paper Crafts mag I was flipping through while the kids were taking a bath. It was really simple to put together since I use just about everything I used on the previous card. Except I added a metal rimmed tag, new ribbon, and changed the stamp set. This is a 4 x 8 card.

  • MME Magnolia line patterned paper
  • Paper Tray stamp set (PaperTrey)
  • Paisley Rockz stamp set (TAC)
  • ribbon (RABOM)
  • metal rimmed tag, glitter, pop dots, aqua painter
Both the tag and the flower are popped up but I just couldn't seem to get a good enough angle that you could tell. I also used the aqua painter to smudge the dye ink a little once I stamped the paisley. I learned that from the good ole' Nicole Heady herself! She's such a smartie I tell ya!

Well, I'm off to clean some more. It also has the makings of a long night with Jolee's coughing. It seems to be getting worse.

Sweet dreams to all! See ya tomorrow!

Getting better

Thanks to all of you sending your good thoughts to us! I feel much better this morning but I'm still pretty tired (what's new!?). Ava and Clinton are back to normal! Although Jolee now has a cough that's bugging her. She is actually sleeping on the couch right now. If you'd ask her though she'd say "I'm just resting my eyes". Wonder who she hear that from? {blush}

I wanted to get a quick card in this morning because I seriously need to clean my house. I think I'm going to open the windows and doors and try to sort though some things. The Am. Vets are coming on Monday to pick up stuff I'm donating. I don't have anything yet, but by this weekend I'm sure I'll have plenty! I love that they come to my house to pick it up! Saves me a trip into town to drop it off somewhere else.

  • MME Magnolia line patterned paper
  • Happy Everything stamp set (SU)
  • paisley ribbon (RABOM)
  • Word Window punch (SU)
  • Marvy Mega scallop oval punch
  • brads, pop dots, glitter, push pin, black pen
I got this slab of paper half of for $10 at Hobby Lobby and I love all but like 9 sheets in it! They are all really great patterns! If you are in need of paper, or not (I never am but paper is my weakness) then you need to get this 180 sheet pack!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

We've got the yuckies!

I really thought we could avoid the 'bugs' that are going around (and not the Cuttlebug kind unfortunately) but as of yesterday, they have hit us too. Clinton carried a fever for most of the day yesterday and was completely attached to my hip or lap the entire time! Ava wasn't hungry at dinner so I felt her head and she had a temp too. I put her in bed around 9:00 pm and at about 9:15 she was calling for me because she threw up in her bed. {sigh} I had to strip her down and give her a quick bath. About the time we got done with the bath Clinton woke up and started crying for me and it was back and forth like that all night. Today they are both still clingy and now I am starting to hurt all over. I CANNOT get sick! I don't have time and if I'm sick who will take care of the kids? Can't happen. So, I am rebuking it! Can I hear an Amen!?

Alright, moving on. I finally got this card put together. I had made a piece here and a piece there but it kept getting set to the side.

It's alright. Not my favorite. I like the trees (although I think I need to sponge some blue for the sky) and the paper but I don't know about the whole layout. Oh well, someone in my family will appreciate it!

  • Trees Three, All the Best {grass}, Riveting stamp sets (SU)
  • Karen Foster 1/8 inch snap stamps
  • Paper Studio patterned paper
  • Cuttlebug slide die
  • Slit punch (SU)
  • Aloe Vera and Pixie Dust Versamagic chalk ink, Close to Cocoa classic ink
  • ribbon
  • pop dots
If you haven't checked out Gina K's blog yet, you better get over there! She is giving away BIG prizes until April 1st when she (along with Erika Martin) will be announcing something great!

Also, Nicole Heady will be unveiling her new stamp set on April 1st!

These people better not be tring to pull any fast ones on April Fools day!! {wink}

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Changed my watermark.....again!

I think I finally found the one I like. I like the font and it's just the right transparency (for me) so I think this will be my primary wm. Although, if you haven't checked out Mama Dini's you really really need to! Her watermarks are beautiful and the price is even better! Right around $3!

  • Flopsy's got an Egg stamp (Eat Cake Graphics)
  • Karen Foster 1/8 inch snap stamps
  • Cuttlebug Swirls embossing folder
  • Marvy Mega scallop oval punch
  • American Crafts patterned paper
  • Cool Caribbean CS and ink
  • Word Window punch
  • silk ribbon
Just wanted to share our first Spring picture! I am always so anxious to get out and get pictures of the kids when it finally gets warm enough! I love taking pics and I think they get really sick of me saying "hold on, let me get my camera!" It's usually followed in an "ugh" sound but then again I have daughters that love to be in the spotlight so sometimes it's followed with "let me get my crown" or "is my hair okay?" I wonder where they got THAT from!

Well, I think I have a future photographer on my hands! Jolee is always wanting to take pictures. And when I say always, I mean every day. She has a 35mm camera that takes pretty junky pictures so I decided that I will let her start using our digital camera. I have to be beside her (unless I'm in the pic) and she has to make sure she wraps the cord around her wrist before she does anything else. I really honestly think she is a natural. She took a picture of Ava yesterday and she was like "stand over here, put your hands there, smile pretty but not too big". I swear she was a little me! Here are a few that she took yesterday. I'm teaching her how she needs to make sure she holds her arms still and how to use little tricks to be able to.

She had to take a picture of the worm we found under one of our stones.

And of course she had to take a picture of the first flower of spring!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The lone stamper

I got this card made last night. I got the paper together, the bird colored, the ribbon out and then I sat there. I must have struggled with the placement of things on this card for 25 minutes. It's still not my fave layout, but it works.

I figured out that this is a Tuft Titmouse bird thanks to Jovita! You are a lifesaver girl! I don't know much about birds and I had no idea what color these really were.

  • Things of Nature, Sweet Sayings stamp sets (TAC)
  • MME Everyday Tango paper
  • black CS
  • watercolor paper and aqua painter
  • Black Stazon, Bashful Blue, Brilliant Blue, Creamy Caramel, Mellow Moss classic ink
  • Ribbon, brads, pop dots
I need to stamp with someone!! I am getting a tad bored stamping by myself lately.

For those of you who don't know me that well, I don't have any friends {sighs}. I have 5 sisters who are my best friends but still, they are sisters. And I have cousins and Aunts of Joe's that are great friends, but there again, they are relatives. My one true non-related friend is Heather who lives an hour away and has a brand new baby girl and also has a job as a baby nurse. She doesn't have time to come stamp with me!! So, here we are, back to square one, me with zero friends. I have tried to make friends with people and was even voted friendliest in my class in HS but I don't know if it has worn off or I am just too talkative for most or what. It's also hard to find someone my age (24) that has kids and is into stamping. I don't mind at all actually if they are my age. I get along with people older than myself perfectly. Actually, it seems to be people my age that I can't bond with. I think I know where I am in life. I have 3 kids, I am homeschooling, I'm happy that I can stay at home with my kids and that be my job every day. A lot of women (or girls, depending) my age are fresh out of college and still go out every weekend with friends or boyfriends. If I can't talk about my kids to someone, I pretty much don't have anything to talk about! And those of you with kids know exactly what I am talking about! I keep telling Joe's best friends to hurry up and get married so I can have someone to hang out with, even though I have a feeling they might be the complete opposite of me. Who knows!?!

Alright, I'm done whining now. Off to myself.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

VSN and Homeschool Convention

Once again I want to thank everyone who helped me out with my banner and whatnot (especially kmb.designer) I think it turned out pretty well. If it still looks wonky let me know so I an *try* to fix it! I took 4 years of computer in HS and even a full year of HTML but do I remember anything? Nope. I lucked out and was paired up with the smartest kid in class (who was also way cute) and never really had to do much. I was so thankful that I quickly became his girlfriend. We were together 2 years and I'm still no smarter for being with him. I can't decide whether to giggle or be severely depressed!

Friday was VSN on SCS and I got a few cards done but didn't get to play too much. I'll share the emboss resist one I did.

  • Delight in Life, Riveting stamp sets (SU)
  • Pixie Pink, Going Gray, black inks
  • Cuttlebug slide die
  • circle punch
  • Versamark and clear embossing powder
  • sponge
  • glitter
  • ribbon
Saturday I left early in the a.m. to go to a homeschool convention in Cincinnati. Wow! There was so much to take in! All the vendors that Joe and I had been looking into were there (Math U See, Mystery of History, etc.) including Five in a Row which we already use. I went to a few of the seminars and they were very informative and started to get me excited to teach History!!! Yes, I got excited about teaching history!!

All of the speakers made very obvious points of how most of us studied hard before the test but once the test was over, didn't remember any of it. THAT WAS ME! I got good grades in school but can't really say I'm all that smart now!

They did a study on college graduates (can't remember what college) where 4 months after they had graduated and taken their final exam they were called back to re-take the test (they had no clue what they were gonna do). Their score on the same test they took 4 months prior dropped 90%!!!!!!!! Isn't that crazy!? Makes me re-think some of the 'smarties' I know! {wink}

Anyway, we got a lot of info and are gonna go back next year.

I made a few cards on Friday that I didn't get a chance to upload too. I made this one for my uncle's birthday. I really like how the trees almost look 3D because of the frame around them. I'll be doing one like this again.

  • Lovely as a Tree, Label Classics, Happy Everything stamp sets (SU)
  • MME Everyday Tango paper
  • watercolor paper
  • Mellow Moss, Old Olive, Bashful Blue, and Black Stazon ink
  • aquapainter
  • ribbon
  • pop dots

  • Deco Designs (TAC), Small Script (SU) stamp sets
  • Real Red, White chalk inks
  • Word Window punch
  • ribbon
  • pop dots
And looky what I got! Fun mail! Allison sent me this card and said that I have a twisted sense of humor. If you only knew what she wrote inside! And she calls me twisted! {wink} Ya know I love ya Allison! Thanks for the card girl!

This is my 'bling' candy that I won from Stephanie! Can't wait to get it out and use it! Maybe I'll get a chance today. She sent me a super cute card to and a Rockabella image! She said it reminded her of my Daughtry concert. How sweet!!!!!! Thanks Steph!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the help guys! I figured it out. I was using winkflash to store my photo and it that was the problem. I switched over to photobucket and it was easy peasy from there.

Now all I have to do is figure out how the heck to remove the grey border. I followed these instructions but I still couldn't figure it out. I am such a dope!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Help Me Puleeeezzzz!

Humph! I can't get my banner to fit! I made it earlier today and I haven't stopped trying to get it to work since then. Can anyone help me? Maybe I'm just beyond helping! Been told that before! {wink}

Just made my own watermark!

Wow! I am so excited! I just made my own watermark. I was going to buy one today but figured that I would play around a little bit and see if I could do a good one myself. And I did! Woo-Hoo!

I bought the Paisley digi stamp kit from Shabby Princess for $3.50 and now I can make one look however I want! I'm going to be free font shopping today to change it up a bit but I like how it turned out.

  • Paper Tray stamp set (PaperTrey)
  • Pumpkin Pie, Cool Caribbean, Real Red, Certainly Celery, and Going Gray classic ink
  • ribbon (RABOM)
  • brads
I got this cool ribbon and just wanted to make it the real focal point of a card so I came up with this. I am completely in love with that little flower from the Paper Tray set! I love the polka dot center! All of these cards are 4 1/4 x 4 1/4.

All of the goodies from the blog candy will be going out in the mail today so keep an eye out for them!

Hope everyone has a great day and don't forget to watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy tonight!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An unexpected night!

This card looks so much better in person. The blues actually match and so do the browns. I needed a simple and quick birthday card for yesterday and this one did the trick. I try to use Stipple Celebrations as much as possible (which is hardly ever) since it seems to be one of the sets that doesn't get much attention! We all have those!

  • Stipple Celebrations stamp set (SU)
  • Cuttlebug birthday embossing folder
  • ribbon (from Michael's)
  • staples
  • scallop edge scissors
  • sanding block
  • pop dots
I had picked up free tickets to the circus here in town a few weeks ago but completely forgot about it until last night. I mentioned it to Joe's mom and she said she would watch Clinton if I wanted to take the girls. I told her that sounded great.

On the way there I think I may have been more excited than they were. I had never been to a circus before so it was a first for all three of us.

We had such a good time! They had so many neat acts and cool music. We will definitely be going to another one when Clinton is big enough to sit still, well at least a little bit.

I just loved this one of Jolee! The show was getting ready to start and one of the first acts was the 'tiger tamer' and they were bringing the tigers in one at a time (in their own cages). When she saw the first one she got so excited, then she realized that more and more were coming out. There ended up being 7 in all and she covered her mouth because she just didn't know what to do with herself. Had to take a pic of that!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You Arrr Loved!

I finally got to make a card with Ahoy Matey!! I was just watercoloring him last night because I was sitting in the bathroom while the kids played in the tub. I didn't think I would be able to use him for a card for months until I realized that Joe's cousin is turning one this weekend. Woo-Hoo! A reason to make a card with him! I really liked watercoloring even though Matey's Map seemed to take forever to do.

I added stubble to his face to make him look more 'piratey' (don't think that's a word).

  • Ahoy Matey stamp set (SU)
  • So Very stamp set (loved, SU)
  • Mellow Moss CS
  • Watercolor paper
  • aquapainters
  • Mellow Moss, Cranberry Crisp, Creamy Caramel, Close to Cocoa, Bashful Blue, and black ink
  • black pen for stubble
  • edge distresser
  • twine
  • pop dots
Everyone has responded for the blog candy except for Holly so make sure you get me your email so I can send you some runner-up goodies!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

And the Winners are.......(a little early)


Ann Marie
"OK, I have a wonderful funny about a conversation with my 14 yo daughter. We were driving home from an all-day shopping trip, and I was exhausted, a bit cranky, and starting to tune out her endless chatter. (I hate to admit it, but her vocal chords know no limits!) It's starting to get dark, and we have about an hour's drive home, and I'm listening to her talk about what she likes and doesn't like about every song on her MP3 player. All of a sudden she says, "Mom, what's Basic Tommy." Me: Huh? Basic Tommy? She: "No, I said Vasic Tommy." Me: HUH? Vasic Tommy? What on earth are you talking about? She: "Well I figure it has to do with botox because the billboard showed this old guy with a big smile on his face." Me, trying to keep the car from veering off the road I'm shaking so hard with laughter: Meg, that's v-a-s-e-c-t-o-m-y, not Vasic Tommy! OMG, she still didn't get it, but when she did we both started laughing. Now all I have to do is bring up the Basic Tommy story and we're doubled over with laughter. I cherish this story because it's just so nice to share something pleasant and funny with her because most of the time she's in the throes of teenage angst and mood swings that leave us all wondering what planet she came from!"

P.S. You had all of my sisters and mom cracking up with this story when I told it to them yesterday. Thanks for that!


"To the beautiful Heidi. Just to let you know how much I adore you....I even named my cat after you. Truly. Her name is Heidi and she is 9 years old TODAY! How about that? Well, actually, my then 7 year old named her. When he came up with the name I was very impressed. I LOVE the name Heidi. When I asked him how he had come up with it, he answered "Cuz she likes to hide alot". LOL!! In his mind, her name would have been spelt Hidey (I guess). How's that. Adoration AND a funny story all rolled into one."

Congrats to both of you! Your stories made me really laugh out loud and the adoration parts were nice too! {wink} So many stories made me laugh out loud! So, that's why I had to pick the following runner-ups in these categories:

Been there: doverdi
"When my son was about 2 we were in a restaurant while on vacation and he decided that he had to go to the bathroom. So I took him into the washroom and while we were in the stall, some lady went into the stall next to us. The next thing we heard was a "gas" sound and my son (sweet, little innocent thing that he was) hollers at the top of his lungs "eww, who farted". I'm trying to shush him and he kept hollering but mommy somebody farted. He wouldn't let it end so as soon as he finished we quickly left the bathroom. I don't know who the poor lady was that was in the stall next to us but it was a long time before she came out. lol"

Done that (epidural that is): beiteversohumble (Kathy)
"When I was in labor for my first child, my husband, who worked in a hospital and certainly knew better, went to find the nurse to tell her I was ready for my episiotomy. The nurse kindly said, "I think you mean the epidural, don't you?"
The next one that comes to mind is just when cell phones were starting to become mainstream (yes, I'm old!) I went into a public restroom and sat down on the toilet. In the stall next to me the lady said, "Hi, how ya doin?" Wow, I thought. Very friendly. Tentatively, I said, "Fine." "Whatcha doin?" she said next. I was at a loss at that because of course I was peeing. What was I supposed to say? Then I realized that she was talking on her cell phone - not to me! How embarrassing! I waited until she left the rest room before I came out."

Just plain funny: Holly
"My funny story is about my oldest daughter who was four at the time. It was Easter time and we were decorating Easter eggs and putting them in her Easter basket. I was telling her "The Easter bunny is going to come tonight and take your eggs and hide them. In the morning we'll get up and go hunt 'em!" She looked at me with the widest eyes and said "will we use a gun?"
It took me a couple of seconds to realize she thought we were going to hunt the bunny!"

Best joke: Kenna
"What did the bra say to the hat?

You go on ahead and I'll support these 2."

Church humor: Ilene
"The funny story I think of is from one Easter (church vigil service) when a granddaughter was maybe four years old. We were outside of the church for a procession, candle lighting etc, and the priest had forgotten something inside the church, so he ran back in to get it, well our granddaughter said "look mom, Jesus is running away!" We laughed (everyone laughed)so hard!!! I crave blog candy!!!"

My kid said what?!: stick2home4school (Amy)
"My funny story just happened yesterday. We're all attending a wedding this Saturday and I of course have NOTHING to wear. I dragged the kids kicking and screaming to Kohl's with me to look for something. I found this really cute blouse that I liked, but unfortunately there were none in my size. Drew (my 7yo) who couldn't have been in a bigger hurry to get outta the store said, "Do you like that one Mom?" I said, "Yes son, but it's too big and they don't have any in my size." He pipes up REAL LOUD like, "Don't worry Mom, you can grow into it. Now let's go!"
There were about 4 ladies around us who died laughing. One said, "I was thinking how cute, he's helping his mom shop, and then he said that!" I had to explain to Drew that us grown up ladies are perfectly happy to get smaller, or sometimes even stay the same size...but there's never really a time when we wanna "grow into" our clothes! LOL 'Cept maybe for pregnancy. :D"

All of you who are runner-ups will be getting a chipboard surprise from me!!! There were just so many good ones!! I couldn't help it.

Thanks to all of those that played along!! I love doing the blog candy so be sure and keep checking back for my next round! I think I might do a movie themed one next time!

***Those who won please just email me your snail mail address cause it's less emails back and forth. My email is***

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yes, I do like it a Latte!

I'm just breaking in my Like it a Latte set! I thought it might be hard to use because I have seen so many examples that are phenomenal! But actually it wasn't so hard. I used Prismacolors around the cup to give it a little depth but I think it was subtle enough. Hopefully now after this weekend is over I'll get to play a little more with my new goodies!!

  • Pixie Pink CS
  • The Paper Studio patterned paper
  • Like it a Latte stamp set (SU)
  • Riveting stamp set (SU)
  • Chocolate Chip, Pixie Pink classic ink
  • Chocolate and Pink Prismacolor pencils
  • Gamsol and blending stumps
  • Marvy mega scallop oval punch
  • Coluzzle oval template
  • Cuttlebug slide die
  • American Crafts ribbon
  • pop dots
Jolee and Ava had their birthday party yesterday. We all had a nice time! They seemed to get excited and happy with every single gift they opened. I'll spare the details but Jolee did get a kids cookbook and measuring spoons so she is insisting on cooking dinner tonight.

Ava Bella Jolee

Friday, March 16, 2007

Obsessed with a man in a tux!

Yes, it's true. I can't seem to stop thinking about this handsome (some might call him cute) fellow that makes me ignore all the rest. He can be funny or sad, that's just the kind of guy he is. His name is Fredrico, the debonair penguin. Yes, he's a penguin, like I could ever get my husband to wear a tux!

I have 12 new sets and I keep using this silly penguin! What's the deal?!?! I dunno but tonight I am vowing not to use him and make cards with one of my other sets. Or at least use one of buddies out of the set!

  • Wild about You, Happy Everything, So Very stamp sets (SU)
  • 1/8 inch snap stamps
  • Tempting Turquoise, black, and white CS
  • Cuttlebug Swirls embossing folder
  • Word Window punch
  • True Blue Prismacolor pencil
  • gamsol and blending stump
  • ribbon
  • pop dots
  • Souffle gel pen
  • scallop edge scissors
I had to add this picture since we are talking (well I'M talking) about these cute little critters! I got this pic from I am currently addicted to that site! I have literally looked for hours so far and I'm not nearly done with it. Some of the cutest and strangest animal pics I have ever seen!

So far I am loving the stories and jokes that everyone is sharing!! I can't wait to read more! You guys are great and I'll be anxious to announce the winners on Monday! Thanks for blessing me with all of the kind comments!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Candy Time!!!

LOT #1

  • 65 chipboard pieces
  • 5 heavyweight chipboard caosters
  • 75 various SU colors Cuttlebug slide die cuts
  • 10 scallop mega oval punches
  • Scrap metal pack


LOT #2

  • 69 chipboard pieces
  • 6 sheets patterned paper (2 of each)
  • 28 Sizzix slide mount die cuts
  • Lots of Cuttblebug Asterik die cuts
  • 5 Gardenbella, 6 Cakeabella, and 8 Flopsy images (stamped with Stazon on watercolor paper)


Alright, so here it is! It's my biggest blog candy thus far. This time around and I have 2 prize lots. I am also going to hand pick the winners. Here are the details:

*You musy be a U.S. or Canada resident to be able to get the goodies (sorry!).
*I want to hear something funny!!!!! I love to laugh! My kids crack me up all the time and I am an avid movie watcher! Just leave a comment that includes a joke or funny story (if it's a funny story, I want it to be about you and not taken off the web please) or even a funny photo you have taken or been in.
*Please make sure you leave your email somewhere in your post so I know how to contact you if you win.
*You must give me complete adoration and I must be raised upon your crafting pedestal! Alright, so that's a little far fetched but can't blame a girl for trying huh?

I will close this on Monday at noon when I will announce the winner! I can't wait to see what all of you come up with and hope you can make me ALMOST pee my pants. {grin}

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Watercolor woman!

I am absolutely LOVING my aquapainters!!! If you don't own these yet, you NEED them! I have been quite an enabler lately haven't I? Sorry about that! Really though, they make things go soooo much smoother and there is no dipping it into water over and over. Go call your SU demo and buy them now!

Alright, now onto the cards. I absolutely love this image from Eat Cake Graphics! This stamp is called 'Flopsy's got an egg' and the smirk on his face just kills me!

  • American Crafts paper
  • Flopsy's got an egg stamp (ECG)
  • TAC word (unknown set)
  • Word Window punch
  • re-inkers and aquapainters
  • ric rac
  • brads
  • pop dots

I went outside of the lines a little with this one but I really think that with watercolors it doesn't look so bad when you do.

I keep adding to the blog candy pile! It's getting big!!!!!! I think you guys will like it! I am going to make you earn it this time though. If you know me by now you know how I love humor........

Long time no see

  • We Are Memory Keepers patterned paper
  • Certainly Celery CS
  • Wild about You stamp set (SU)
  • Karen Foster 1/8 snap stamps (order them here)
  • Chocolate Chip, So Saffron, Cool Caribbean classic ink
  • Word Window punch
  • American Crafts ribbon
  • scallop oval punch (to make the clouds)
  • sponge
  • pop dots
I am so excited that I get to play now! All the sets are mounted and that is always such a relief! I made this for my cousin whom I haven't seen since Christmas. I try to send her something every once in a while to keep up.

I got the idea to use the scallop punch to make the clouds from ParisEstates and it works great! This lady is a whiz at inventive ways to use the scallop punch!

You'll probably be seeing cards with lots of dimension from me for a while because of all the excess rubber I had after cutting out my goodies!!

Hopefully I'll be back later with like 20 new cards. Alright, maybe not 20, but 2 would be nice!

Monday, March 12, 2007


I just had to share!! My box just came from SU! Woooooo-hoooooo! I love the smell of new rubbah in the afternoon! {wink} I am one lucky duck and I'll have to remind my hubby later just how much I love him! I am a lucky gal for getting the green light to order all of THIS! Is he crazy? Maybe he just wants to be sure that he'll keep getting food and water from me. Cause ya know......if wifey ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

If I am MIA for days it's only because I'm cutting out stamps. And my hand could quite possibly fall off so that might take a few more days to recover from. Don't worry though, I'll get to the blog candy this week. Just keep your eyes peeled!!!!!!


  • Wild about You stamp set
  • Label Classics stamp set
  • Happy Everything stamp set
  • Stazon ink
  • True Blue Prismacolor pencil
  • gamsol and blending stump
  • black Souffle gel pen
  • pop dot
Once I got 3 of my sets put together I had to make something! It just so happens that they all worked pretty well together!! I tried to take a pic at an angle so you could see that the penguin is popped up. The card is 4 1/4 x 4 1/4.

Trying something different

  • kraft CS
  • Barely Banana CS
  • Rhonna Farrer Flourishes stamp set
  • chipboard circle
  • yellow paint
  • sticker
  • Versamark ink
Okay, so this is really out of my style range but I keep seeing so many different ways to make cards lately from discovering all of these wonderful blogs! I think I would have really loved this card if I had an actual chipboard sun or maybe even a die cut sun. I guess my problem with the card is the 'sun rays'.

This one is going to be sent to my momma because we both keep talking about how we are so ready for spring to come! And it is getting up to 63 here today!

Anyway, I am going to keep trying things that might not be in my comfort zone because you never know what you will end up in love with!!

Hope you enjoyed my eye candy yesterday! There will be real blog candy coming soon so keep an eye out!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Forget the blog candy! Here is Eye Candy!

I had such an amazing time last night!!!!! We were like 30 feet from the stage and the view (other than a few big heads in front of me) was nothing but awesome! I did not think that he could get sexier, but oh my goodness, he now is! He is so great live! The whole band is! The people around us were great and the whole atmosphere was better than I could have imagined! I did make fun of some women though wearing heels for 6 hours just for the sake of fashion. And trust me, I don't just pick on random strangers cause my sister was wearing boots with heels and I made fun of her too. {wink}

I do have to say that I almost felt like I was gonna pass out at one point because is was sooooo hot! And the crowd kept squeezing in closer and closer. You could barely move your arms by the time it was over. But absolutely NO COMPLAINTS from me!!!! Well, other than the fact that I didn't stay an extra hour to get their autographs. If I would have known for sure that they would have done it I would have stayed for 3 hours! Hindsight is 20/20 right?

I also had to add this picture of one of the opening acts called Eve to Adam. He was ripped! He had his shirt off for most of the time and I do have to say it no one had to twist my arm to not take my eyes off of him!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Daughtry, here I come!!!

Today is the big day!!!!!!!!! I am leaving here around 2:30 and meeting Nichole at 3:30 and Joe's grandma's house so I can park my van and then we are driving the rest of the way to Cincinnati. We should get there around 4:30 and we are going to grab something to eat and stand in line for a while before they even open the doors at 7:00. Concert starts at 8:00 and hopefully I can get an autograph somewhere! And by somewhere I mean wherever he will sign me! LOL There is no coat check (sucks!) so I can't really take anything in with me like a CD for him to sign.

I am so Stinkin' EXCITED!!!!! The last concert I went to was in HS and that was Blessed Union of Souls. It was decent but not the coolest show ever. I have been to a Counting Crows concert and it was awesome! They are great live!

I'll be back tomorrow with lots of yummy pictures! And by yummy, I mean eye candy yummy! Hey, I should have an eye candy giveaway tomorrow! You win just by looking at the pictures I post! I mean really, looking at Chris Daughtry is winning enough, isn't it??

My card this morning kind of goes along with today! I am lucky to be going!

  • Unknown patterned paper (came in a chipboard pack I got at Joanns)
  • DCWV cardstock
  • Quirky Numbers stamp set (heart, SU)
  • 1/8" snap stamps
  • Old Olive ink
  • ribbon
  • scallop scissors
  • pop dots
  • sponge
I think this one is going to be for my MIL for St. Patty's day. I have to say that I have a great MIL. If I need something she always does everything she can. And plus she is the only one brave enough to take all 3 of my kids at once!! {giggle}

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hey cutie!

  • SEI paper
  • Coluzzle oval template
  • Marvy scalloped oval punch
  • SU slit punch
  • 1/8 inch snap stamps
  • gel pen
  • ribbon
  • chipboard flower
  • Versamagic pink pigment ink
  • Iridescent embossing powder
  • Embossing gun
  • pop dots
  • safety pin
I just love these papers and had to pull them out after some inspiration the other day from Laura Leonard. Sometimes you get too much paper at once and it gets put to the side until someone reminds you that you have it! Thanks Laura!

Anyway, I got the huge pack of chipboard pieces at JoAnns today. I couldn't resist and at $12.88 you are getting waaaaaay more than your moneys worth! I dabbed the Versamagic ink on top and just embossed it with iridescent EP. I probably should have done another coat, but maybe next time. I am always too anxious to get stuff posted on here!

Only 2 more days till I see Daughtry! I can't believe it's actually gonna happen! They are announcing VIP ticket winners on his web site today. You get a whole meet and greet before the show. Ahhh, if I was only that lucky!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lovin' American Crafts!

  • Cool Caribbean CS
  • Chocolate Chip CS
  • American Crafts rub-ons
  • Snap stamps
  • chipboard letter
  • Basic Grey paper (I used the sheet that shows all of the paper you get in the pack. It fit perfectly over the f and it was thin, unlike the thick CS that the paper really is.)
  • pop dots
  • Heidi Swapp edge distresser
  • sanding block
Not only is their paper and ribbon DA BOMB but their rub-ons are freakin' awesome too! The aqua floral corners and the brown brackets are both American Crafts. They come in a little pack of several different sizes and shapes. You know I had to get them cause they were half off at HL and boy am I glad I did! I got both packs for $8 which really is a steal for as many as you get.

I also love my snap stamps! It makes it easy to throw together whatever phrase or word you want! And the 1/8 seem to be just perfect for me!

I finally got a tracking number for my SU order and it won't get here until Monday!!! A whole week after the day I thought it would come. Oh well, it's just pushing me to use all of the wonderful things that I already have at my fingertips!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Life is so precious!

Unfortunately, I had to make a sympathy card for a friend of my family who lost her husband. It makes me sad when I have to do sympathy cards because it makes you really think about how much of our lives we take for granted. We fight with our spouses about unimportant things, we get aggravated at our children, and we don't always appreciate all of those who love and support us. I try and take the time every day to tell those around me how much I love then and how I am so lucky to have them in my life. But you can never really put it into words. The good thing though, is that they feel the same way about you.

  • Watercolor paper
  • Art of Life stamp set (SU)
  • Paper Tray stamp set (PaperTrey)
  • Going Gray ink pad
  • black ink pad
  • sheer black ribbon
It will soon be a year since my father has passed away and I think of him all the time. When he passed I made a slide show of his life for the memorial. I haven't been able to watch it since then. Sometime soon I'm sure I will again, but right now the pain is still too fresh. What I miss the most about my father is the most wonderful and tight hugs he would give me. He always made me feel like he was proud of me even when I didn't think I did my best. I always got an A for effort with him. I try to take much time to cry for him but to smile and remember how much I loved that man. He taught me to be strong and to follow my heart and those are life lessons that I value every single day. *Love you daddy*

Monday, March 05, 2007

They're done!

Thank goodness! I just finished up the invitations for my daughters' combined birthday party (their birthdays are a month apart) on the 17th. I had to do 18 of them. Have I mentioned on here yet how much I *despise* doing repetitive cards? I Loathe it!!! With a capital L! But now I am done so I won't keep complaining! To you, anyway! {grin}

  • Cakeabella stamp (
  • Paper Tray stamp set (PaperTrey)
  • Paper from a Slab from Michael's (not sure which slab)
  • blender pen
  • re-inkers and ink pads
  • glitter
So, for some reason I woke up grumpy this morning (a real rarity for me) and the day seemed to get gloomier when I realized that my big box 'o' stamps were not going to get here today. {insert sad face} So, now I am sitting here with no new rubbah to play with. But I am thankful that I will be getting rubbah soon. Just OBVIOUSLY not today! Okay, done with that one too!

However! I do have something to be happy about! I get to go see Daughtry in 5 days!!! Woo-Hoo! And the weatherman says it's supposed to be 60 on Friday so I am hoping it will be close to that on Saturday so I don't freeze my patootie off standing in line! Even if I do Chris (Daughtry, that is) will warm me up real quick like once he starts singing!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Sisters are special

I have the best sisters in the world! There is absolutely no one that could ever replace them and I would never want anyone to. People see our relationship and try to figure it out but there is just no way to understand our crazy wacked out behavior!! When the 6 of us get together, we are just a barrel of monkeys!

I laugh more with them. *So much so that I have peed my pants on occasion*

I can be completely honest with them and they know I have their best interest at heart.

They think I'm funny.

I can call at 3 am if I need them and they will answer.

They call me on my birthday.

They look like me. {insert sexy whistle}

I would share my underwear if necessary.

They miss me when they don't get to see me.

They are just the most awesome people ever and I love them to pieces!!!!!

Alright, I'm done with my speech!! Now onto cards!

  • Basic Grey's Lilly Kate paper (sooo in love with this!)
  • Certainly Celery CS
  • Sincere Salutations stamp set (SU)
  • flowers from a stem
  • brad
  • pop dots
It might be hard to tell but the whole pink panel is raised. I sponged Chocolate Chip onto the edges and the flowers. I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this paper!! The entire pack is gorgeous! I can't believe I actually cut into it! Good for me!

I didn't make this for anyone in particular but realized I didn't have a get well card handy. Those are always good to have on hand because by the time I make one for somebody and send it, they are already well!

  • Rustic Chic paper (TAC)
  • All things of Nature stamp set (TAC)
  • Paper Tray stamp set (PaperTrey)
  • American Crafts ribbon
  • Prismacolor pencils
  • Gamsol
  • pop dots
I CASEd this one from AddictedScramper on A Shade of Blue website. Just changed it up a little. Here is the original.

One of my mom's close friends is having a birthday and he is an avid bird watcher! I just hope I have the colors okay for this one!

Hope everyone has pleasant dreams and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another SEI card

  • SEI patterned paper
  • Making Memories 'Heidi' rub ons
  • SU slit punch (for scallops)
  • ribbon
  • glitter
  • pop dot
I am really diggin' this paper! It seems so easy to work with! I especially love it with the 5x5 size for some reason.

Well, I'm off to clean a little. Joe's parents and grandma are coming over for Ava's birthday. Have a good night!