Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ahh, it's been too long

Okay, so shame on me for not updating in a month! I have had *what seems like* a lot going on this past month. I was getting ready for Christmas around Sabina the first few weeks and then trying to recoup from the devistation last few weeks. And yes, I said devistation! I made around 50 glitter bulb ornaments (the ones that get such praise on Splitcoast!) and only sold 2. T-W-O! That's it! Wow, was I disapointed! I also made lots of other things that didn't sell worth poop. All in all when you take out the cost of everything I made about $20. Exciting huh? But we won't dell on the negative. As my momma always says, "Dwell on the good and lovely!" Thanks mom for ringing in my ear cause sometimes I just wanna scream. At least I have Christmas gifts done for my family! You know who you are!!! :0)

Now on to positive things! I have actually gotten some cards done that I like quite a bit! That's always a plus! Here are two that I got done today. They are just the same with a few exceptions.

  • Ruby Red Cardstock (SU)
  • My Mind's Eye patterned paper (LOVE it) from Everyday Tango stack
  • Always Artichoke ink (SU)
  • Canvas BG stamp (SU)
  • 'Joy' from Small Script set (SU)
  • 'Happy Holidays' stamp (oogaloo)
  • pine bough from All things of Nature (TAC)
  • olive grosgrain ribbon
  • glitter
  • pop dots
  • sponge
The whole red strip is popped up and sponged with the Artichoke.

Both are 4 1/4 X 4 1/4

I have also been cleaning up my stamp space and figured I would post some pics of my area. It is so tiny compared to the rooms I have seen on SCS but I love my space! I am lucky to have what I have and I know I'm blessed! So here goes. I labeled everything in the pics. And please don't post any comments about me being a paper hoarder, I already know I am and am currently trying to organize a 12 step program. *grin* Just click on the pics to make them bigger if ya want.

Okay, so I played with these pictures for way too long now and I still can't get them the way I want. They're there and I guess that's the point, right?

I have made quite a few more cards and other things but I'll just upload my favorites.

These are from a HSW (half sheet wonder). LOL Okay, so I wasn't sure how I'd like it so I only made 1/2 sheet. Turns out I really like the red and blue together so I'll probably be making more.
  • Bashful Blue, Ruby Red, and white CS (SU)
  • Ruby Red, Bashful Blue, Sahara Sand ink pads (SU)
  • Canvas BG (SU)
  • Snowflakes set (TAC)
  • 'Happy Holidays' stamp (oogaloo)
  • grosgrain ribbon
  • sponge

I'll only put up one more card today. This was the first card I had made with the All Things of Nature set from TAC. It had been sitting there a while, un-inked. I love it though and I do plan on using it for the card sets that I make for Christmas gifts. This one was for my mom's friend who loves birds.

  • Bashful Blue CS (SU)
  • brown CS
  • All things of Nature set (TAC)
  • Wonderful Words set (SU)
  • Weathered Wood BG (Sonlight Impessions from Cornish Heritage Farms)
  • Close to Cocoa ink
  • brown gingham ribbon
  • Prismacolor pencils
  • Gamsol
  • blending stumps

Okay, now for my final project Harley Davidson ornament. I actually did sell 5 out of 6 of these at CAS. Click HERE if you want the details.

Well, hopefully I will be back in a few days to update. I know all of my devoted fans hold their breath until I post again!!!!! Hmmm, okay so maybe one devoted fan. LOL You know who you are......Amy! Goodnight and God Bless!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Movie Review

Well, Joe and I watched movies all weekend! It was his first weekend off for family time in a long while. Last weekend we didn't get to spend it with the kids so we were making up for it this time around. We all cuddled up on the couch and really enjoyed eachother. It was so nice! So, here are my movie ratings from this weekend. *Not all of these were watched with our children!!*

-Monster House 3/5 stars I thought it was geared from maybe 8 and older kids. Most of the humor went right past my 2 and 4 year old. They still liked it though, and so did Joe and I.
-Over the hedge 4/5 stars I laughed out loud quite a bit in this one. The girls liked the characters.
-Nacho Libre 1.5/5 stars There were a few funny parts. Ava fell asleep, Jolee didn't laugh once, and Joe kept asking me to put something else in.
-An American Haunting 2.5/5 stars It was different, although different isn't always good.
-American Dreamz 2/5 stars The only funny part about this movie is they pegged America so well. The whole movie is full of sarcasim about the U.S.

We also watched a few others last week.

-Click 4.25/5 stars This was really good. We both love Adam Sandler so maybe that's why we thought it was so great. It was funny but it also made Joe and I both cry! The only bad thing about this movie is it seemed to drag a little.
-The Break-Up 3.5/5 stars Joe LOVES Vince Vaughn. We both liked this one. Some just don't turn out the way you expect. You should definitely watch the bonus footage though. It's worth it.

Okay, so now on to crafty things. I have started getting some things packaged up and ready for Christmas Around Sabina that's coming up in a few weeks. I stopped in Hobby Lobby tonight to try and pick up some Harley Davidson stickers to put on a few ornaments but they didn't really have what I was looking for. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to scratch that idea all together.

Here are the ones I have in their boxes so far (sorry about the glare, I had to use the flash). I have lots more but I haven't decided if I want to have many of them out on a tree yet. I think I might put like 3 or 4 on a small tree so people can get a better look at them but I think I will just go ahead and box most of them up. Any suggestions would help out!

The doggy one I did with Creamy Caramel and silver glitter. I figured there are so many dog freaks now-a-days (I am related to some!!! You know who you are!) that I might as well cater to them too! The ribbon is just the puppy paw print bobbin ribbon that I got from Ribbons and Bows Oh My online. I can't wait to get to the other ribbon I got from there!

Well, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween tomorrow! I'll be back with pictures of the girls I'm sure!! Until then......goodnight!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Long Weekend......

......that didn't seem so long! Joe and I left on Friday night at 7:00 to have our 5 year Anniversary long weekend away together. His mom and dad volunteered to watch the kids and it was actually their idea that we take some time for eachother. And boy did we need it!

We went to the Mansfield Reformantory in northern Ohio for a 'haunted prison' which was decent. I think Joe and I showed our age though because we were trying to look at the actual prison instead of the creepy things jumping out. We really want to take a tour once it opens back up in the summer. For those who might not know, Shawshank Redemption was filmed there.

From there we went to Cedar Point the next day and had a great time. Although we thought for sure that there weren't going to be too many people there 'cause it was pretty freakin' cold. Wow, were we wrong!!! We got to ride 4 rides in 7 hours! But, we did ride Top Thrill Dragster and it was the most amazing 15 seconds!!!!! WOW! It's definitely the best ride I have ever been on. It goes 120 mph and shoots you up (and drops you down) 140 straight up into the air! Here is some more info if you are interested.

The next day was spent trying to keep myself from getting Hypothermia on Put-In-Bay island on Lake Erie. We checked out the world's largest Geode and drank at the worlds longest bar too. I think the bar might have been more enjoyable.

All in all we had a great time because it was alone time with eachother. Although I did miss my babies and when we got back I didn't want to let them go. But I had to so they could eat the Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Belly's we got them on the way back!

Tune in tomorrow and I will upload some things that I have made since I've been back. Until then....goodnight!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Teleport me baby!!!

I have decided that whenever someone invents a teleporter that will zap you to the place you need to go, I will be first in line to invest. Of course by then I will probably have 3 grown children instead of 3 small ones and I will actually want to go and run errands!

Today wasn't so bad, but then again we only had a few places to go. I went to Blockbuster to pick up Click and The Break-up. I was returning Thank you for Smoking (2 out of 5) and Prarie Home Companion (ZERO out of 5!!!). I can't wait to see the ones I got tonight but of course I have to wait to watch them with Joe and his schedule is so crazy sometimes that we will go days without watching a movie we have rented. Oh well, the sacrifices of marriage, right? ;0)

So a few days ago I was folding laundry while Clinton was playing on the floor in the next room. I peek in to check on him and catch him red handed.......

.......literally! Apparently one of the markers had rolled off the table and didn't get picked up. So he grabbed it, somehow got the cap off, and started coloring his hands, his face, and his mouth too. Thank goodness they are non toxic! It 'wore' off after a couple of days and now he is back to normal. Although normal is a stong word for anyone in our family!!!

Now onto fun stuff! I have gotten a few cards done in the last couple of days but I just haven't had a chance to sit down and blog them yet.

I have really been trying to do some simplified cards lately just to see how I like them. Oddly enough, they are starting to grow on me! Here is another no layer, and actually no embellishment card.

  • Snowman Smiles set (TAC)
  • Little Hellos set (SU)
  • Scallop scissors
  • Prismacolor Pencils
  • Gamsol
  • black pen for doodles

I also made a Halloween card because I was itching to use some paper that I had picked up a while back just for some Halloween cards. It's also for the A Shade of Blue monthly challenge.

  • Paper Studio patterned paper
  • black paper
  • Trick or Treat set (SU)
  • Marvy Mega scallop oval punch
  • Coluzzle oval template
  • Really Rust ink pad (SU)
  • sponge
  • white gel pen
  • black pen
  • Dymo label maker
  • ribbon
  • pop dots

Friday, October 13, 2006

Christmas cards a comin'

Okay, so I did get 2 Christmas cards done but just didn't get a chance to upload until now. One is just a more wintery card but I'm sure I will send it for Christmas. I'm not the kind of person that makes all of the same Christmas cards. I can't! I love taking advantage of all of the sets and paper that I have at my fingertips. If I do make multiples they are usually in 5 or less. I don't think I have ever made the same card more than 5 times unless it was an invitation. Cudos to those that have the disipline to do so!!! I however have none!

I started with wanting to do a card with no layers. I have tried it before and the results have been so so but I actually really like the way this one turned out!

  • Certainly Celery, Real Red, Positively Pink, Garden Green inks (SU)
  • Distressed Designs set (TAC)
  • PSX Snowflake
  • Joy from Small Script set (SU)
  • sheer red ribbon
I sponged Celery around the whole botton and the top edges of the card. I also colored the Joy stamp with a marker so I didn't get the long lines on the j and y. Once everything was stamped I cut a slit in the side of the card to slip the ribbon through.

This one is made from Die Cuts with a View paper. It's from the Christmas Stack from last year.

*Side note* I really don't care for the new Christmas Stack this year! I figured it would be more 'trendy' but I was really dissapointed. I guess that is a blessing though, well at least for my wallet!

I used my coluzzle to cut the circles and just glamed up the outer circle with some glitter. A really simple 5x5 card.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Okay, so I'm a couple days behind. Sue me! Although it does make it harder to catch up on all of the jam packed adventures we have going on here all the time. Oh, wait a second. We really don't have something going on all the time. Well, other than laundry and dishes! That's actually okay with me though. Especially today! I woke up and checked the temperature and it was 35 degrees!!!! WHAT!?! No wonder it was freezing when I got up to fix breakfast! Crimeny! I'm not quite ready for weather like that. But I guess there's not much you can do about that.

We did have a visitor on our porch yesterday. He was pretty cute and the kids (especially Clinton) loved him!

I also did get a card done amidst the chaos of this weekend. It is one I had done before but didn't get a picture of so I made it again. Really simple but I really like the red and black with this set!

  • red and black cardstock
  • black ink
  • A Girl Thing stamp set (TAC)
  • tag punch
  • sheer polka dot ribbon

Hopefully I will get to a few Christmas cards later today. I will set my goal to make 2 Christmas cards later. Let's see if I can make the deadline!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pretty good card day!

Today ended up being a pretty good card day! My cousin Amy (who is really my great friend) came over today to do some paper crafting with me. Usually when we get together to 'stamp' or 'scrap' we end up talking instead and not getting much done. Either that or half the time goes to that pesky little hmmmmm...... monster. You know who he is. He's that little guy who puts your hand up to your chin and makes you stare at the paper for 10 minutes before you know which one to pick. And then of course another 10 minutes to decide which ribbon to use. Yeah, he is such a pain in the butt sometimes.

I actually had more than one monster today. Clinton was my other, but much cuter little pain. When will the clingy 'stage' be over?!? I love him to pieces but my arms are going to fall off from holding him all the time. I know I said this with the first two also but somehow I managed to survive them so I guess I should just suck it up and put on my big girl panties, eh?

I did get the coveted Oval Scallop punch from Marvy. I cringed at how much I had to pay for it but I got to use it today and I do have to say that I am in *love*! If you don't already have one you really need to get one! Actually, you don't need it at all. But you know you want it, so why not? :0)

Here are some of the cards I got done today.

  • These two were inspired by anything made by Julie Ebersole (JulieHRR) because I admire her work so very much.
  • DCWV paper
  • Winter Wonderland stamp set (TAC)
  • Marvy Mega scallop oval punch
  • ZIG markers
  • ribbon and fiber
  • pop dots

I saw a card a few days ago done with pink and black for snowflakes and I loved the idea so here is my version. The card measures 4 1/4 x 4 1/4.

  • DCWV paper
  • Snowflakes stamp set (TAC)
  • Small Script stamp set (SU)
  • American Crafts Ribbon
  • Marvy Scallop oval punch
  • Pink Passion ink (SU)
  • black ink and white pigment
  • silver glitter glue
  • staples
  • pop dots

This last one is for my niece's 3rd birthday. B stands for Bella. She is having her birthday party at Magic Castle (like a Chuckie Cheese) and the girls can't wait to go!

  • My Mind's Eye paper
  • chipboard letter from TAC
  • paint
  • sandpaper
  • ribbon
  • metal photo turns and brads
*I do want to say that I was a little dissapointed with TAC's chipboard letters. When I started to sand it a little to distress it the paper was ripping. It also could have been the fact that I didn't wait long enough after I painted even though it was dry. I guess I will try to hold my britches a little better next time and see if that makes a difference.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Okay, so I just have to share these pictures of Clinton that I took the weekend before last when my mom was up to visit. He is crawling anywhere and everywhere now, so of course he had to end up under the chair when I turned my back for a second.

I caved!

Okay. so I kept telling myself that I had no time for a blog. I have way too much to do! So, then why am I typing my first entry into my new blog??? 'Cause I caved! Can you believe it?! Me, caving! Yeah, so can I! Well, hopefully this is the beginning of a long sweet relationship! The only drawback is now I HAVE to spend less time on Splitcoast and ASB checking out all of the awesome inspiration! Hmmm.....we'll see if that really happens!

I have been busy making my best friend Heather's baby shower invitations. She is having a baby girl! Anyway, I am still working on the invites but took a break from those to make her the card for her gift. The 'theme' is pink and brown so I stuck with that. I love that preggo lady stamp from the Michael's $1 spot!

  • Making Memories paper
  • American Crafts ribbon
  • Coluzzle oval template
  • Close to Cocoa ink (SU)
  • Michael's $1 stamp-pregnant lady
  • ZIG markers
  • artificial flowers
  • brown rhinestones
  • staples
  • sponge