Monday, May 14, 2007

Opinions please

I have been a bit random with my entries lately but I have been working on some things for my photography blog and have also been trying to think of themes for a few days of the week that could be re-occurring. I was thinking of 'Fun Friday' where each Friday I pick a theme like polka dots or butterflies and you guys can see if you can come up with something to make for it. I know there are a few blogs (okay, more than a few) that already do some weekly/daily challenges so I guess what I'd like to know is if anyone would be game to play along? My feelings won't be hurt in the least if everyone would rather just keep up with the challenges that they are already involved in. I know sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with Amy's challenges on her blog Heartfelt Greetings!

So, give me some suggestions! Are there other things you would like to see on here? Or should I change something to make it easier? Let me know! I want to make this blog as enjoyable to view as possible!

And speaking of challenges, this is my Super Sunday Sketch challenge of Amy's. These are the same papers that I used on her challenge last week. I am trying to also use the paper that I have already cut into before I use something else. Although, that is much easier said than done!!

I had trouble with the 'cheers' part. I like the rest of the card really well but just seemed to get stuck with that. I might change it later.

  • Cosmobella (stamping bella), 1/8 in. snap stamps (Karen Foster), and Hampton Art stamps
  • The Paper Studio DP; Certainly Celery, Positively Pink, black CS
  • Cuttlebug flowers die
  • Stazon black
  • ZIG markers and aqua painter
  • ribbon
I just wanted to let you guys know about something I saw (and bought) yesterday. A compant called Tensor makes natural light light bulbs. They aren't like the OTT light bulbs where you can only use them in the OTT light lamps (in other words, they don't screw in), they screw in to any light that takes a regular bulb! They are $16.99 each at Staples, BUT if you already have a table lamp or even an over head if you wanted to buy 3 of them, you're still saving lots of money and space! The OTT lights run $59.00 and up each. Yesterday I got the bulb for $16.99 and bought a gooseneck lamp (didn't have one) for $9.99. So, for $27 I have my own natural light lamp so I can work on my stuff at night without wondering what it might look like in the morning!

I hope that info might help some of you guys out! I had no clue about it so next time you are out see if any other places sell them too. You might find them cheaper than that!


Jessica (jessrose21) said...

Hi Heidi! I think it would be fun to see whatever you wanted to do. Just jump in and do it, and if people respond you'll know they like it! Polka dots and butterflies sound like fun themes to me. :D I love to see your cards and photos, so keep posting those, please.

Stefanie said...

1) I would LOVE to see a recurring challenge!

2) Your card is adorable!

3) Thanks for the AWESOME tip regarding the natural light bulb!

Anne Marie said...

Heidi, I love the idea of some regular features, but you need to do what works for you and focus on topics that YOU love! I love your blog, seeing your creativity coming through and hearing your stories about your famiy. (And I look forward to seeing your photog. blog!) What I like on other blogs (love Amy's) using scrap stash, least fav stamps, different techniques, plus introducing us to new products (stamps, papers, and tools). I haven't seen anyone do an "altered" day, a "chipboard" day, or an "inspiration" day (like inspired by a mag ad or decorative bowl, kwim?) or a "what was I thinking when I bought this paper" day! (That's my challenge when I can't think of anything to pair with that paper.) Let's see...oh the other things I get stuck with, like buying something once to CASE a project, then not really being inspired (or knowledgeable enough) to use it again. Like Twinkling H20s or some kind of glimemer mist (can't remember name). Hope some of these ideas help!

Amy said...

Hi Heidi! Ann Marie has some great ideas for feature days! Go with some of those, like she said, they haven't really been used yet! I love having theme days because it makes it alot easier to write. In fact, today on my blog is Try Something New Tuesday, but I forgot about it! So now I'm jamming trying to come up with something to show! Yikes!

By the way, LOVE the card, it's perfect just the way it is. The flower sentiment really balances out the card. I hope you leave it!


Colleen Schaan said...

Hi Heidi, having a specific thing to write about each day has pros and cons. I have Technique Tuesday, Ways to Use it Wednesday, Thursday Throwdowns, and Featured Artist Fridays...the only day I don't do something specific is Monday (because I could not think of a cute title for something). It is good because I don't have to scramble to come up with a topic, but some days it is tough because I don't have something for that particular day and my readers expect I have to punt! I do spend a lot of time on my blog. I would say it takes me at least an hour a day (often more) to do each entry...but I enjoy it.

That is key...Do what works best for you. YOU need to enjoy it. If you do, then your readers will too. I do like the idea of a theme day...Like a Thursday's week do polka dots, animals, babies, celebrations...anything is a reoccuring event, yet it gives you LOTS of leway to play.

Good luck, I love your blog.

Erin K said...

Super cute card. :)

I'll be honest, I mostly just look around, not so much doing challanges, but they seem popular and you are too cute so I'm sure you'd do a great job of them.

Ana said...

Heidi.. anything you chose to do has my vote!! You rock.

Sarah said...

I love challenges! Sounds like good fun to me!

Jen said...

I love visiting your blog. You are so talented. I love the card I wouldnt change a thing. Like the girls said above if you want to do the challenges go for it.

Rose Ann said...

I love your card! Great job on the coloring, and I love the paper you used. Too cute!!

I'd be willing to do challenges when I am able. Sounds like fun...but just so you know...your blog is enjoyable as it is. You post wonderful projects, pictures & stories. ;)

Kirsten said...

Very cute! I love her challenges, as well. Your card is great!