Thursday, May 17, 2007

Crazy TV night!

Okay, just had to chime in about a few season finales. I love Ugly Betty (although sometimes is seems like a night time soap opera and is a little far fetched) and Grey's Anatomy is my favorite too but holey moley, what was up with tonights episodes?!?! I'm gonna come back and watch next season! Really, I am! You don't have to kill off characters and ruin lives for me to want to come back and watch!

I can't believe that Hilda's soon to be hubby (again) is now dead! I was actually starting to like him. And Henry is gone. Once again poor Betty is put last. You think she is gonna go be Drew Barrymore and get her man then bam (no pun intended) her brother in law gets shot and she has to go tell her sister that he is dead.

Don't even get me started on Grey's! Geez Louise! I can't believe Burke walked out on her! I mean I was completely and utterly shocked! I cried when Meridith cut off her dress. You want to hope for the best for everyone, it's in our nature, but sometimes you just can't control it I guess. And why the hell did Karev let Ava get away!?! What is wrong with him? And George just quitting? Man this is not cool.

Hmmmm, I guess now I realize why they did all of this because all I can think of is what's gonna happen next season. Damn, they got me. They got me good.


Stick2Home4School said...

Me too Heidi! I love Betty and GA and bawled during them both last night. I HATE season finales, but of course have to watch them. Really, I can't figure out why they get a summer break. None of the rest of us do!!!

Love ya,

margot said...

Gotta admit that the new resident on Grey's whose last name is also Grey has me intrigued.

Amy said...

I can't believe how depressing BOTH shows were! I'm a huge fan of Betty, for the reasons you state; it's got drama, BUT it's an hysterical comedy as well. And Grey's, good heavens, could they have had anything GOOD happen in the finale?


Ally Stamps said...

Girl they got me to...I just sat there at the end with my mouth open wide and a tear in my eye!! I was just like "what"??? UGHHHH!! They better come back with something!!

Anonymous said...

I KNOW! I don't watch Betty but Thursday night was the 1st time I thought to myself "WTF??" while I was watching Grey's. Can't ANYthing happy ever happen on that show?

Yosha said...

Hey Heidi!

I am a huge Grey's fan and every season finale I tell myself this is it, I can't keep up with the drama and of course they hook me back. I am such a sap!!!

Couple of weeks back I found this blog by the Grey's writers:

Of course this may not be new to you, but I thought I'd share! It's interesting to read their precepective of things. Especially when the screw up characters lives (George not a doc?? Wha????)