Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Changed my watermark.....again!

I think I finally found the one I like. I like the font and it's just the right transparency (for me) so I think this will be my primary wm. Although, if you haven't checked out Mama Dini's you really really need to! Her watermarks are beautiful and the price is even better! Right around $3!

  • Flopsy's got an Egg stamp (Eat Cake Graphics)
  • Karen Foster 1/8 inch snap stamps
  • Cuttlebug Swirls embossing folder
  • Marvy Mega scallop oval punch
  • American Crafts patterned paper
  • Cool Caribbean CS and ink
  • Word Window punch
  • silk ribbon
Just wanted to share our first Spring picture! I am always so anxious to get out and get pictures of the kids when it finally gets warm enough! I love taking pics and I think they get really sick of me saying "hold on, let me get my camera!" It's usually followed in an "ugh" sound but then again I have daughters that love to be in the spotlight so sometimes it's followed with "let me get my crown" or "is my hair okay?" I wonder where they got THAT from!

Well, I think I have a future photographer on my hands! Jolee is always wanting to take pictures. And when I say always, I mean every day. She has a 35mm camera that takes pretty junky pictures so I decided that I will let her start using our digital camera. I have to be beside her (unless I'm in the pic) and she has to make sure she wraps the cord around her wrist before she does anything else. I really honestly think she is a natural. She took a picture of Ava yesterday and she was like "stand over here, put your hands there, smile pretty but not too big". I swear she was a little me! Here are a few that she took yesterday. I'm teaching her how she needs to make sure she holds her arms still and how to use little tricks to be able to.

She had to take a picture of the worm we found under one of our stones.

And of course she had to take a picture of the first flower of spring!


Allison said...

So cute...the kids and the card! The worm...not so much!

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Very cute Heidi! The cards adorable and the children even more so!

Rose Ann said...

Awe! Your kids are adorable! That's a great picture of the flower that Jolee took!

dini said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! And I love the ECG stamp...I have got to get me some of those. :)


Anne Marie said...

Keep encouraging her. She did a great job on those 2 photos you posted! I now live in FL, but I remember growing up in NY how I would long for the first signs of spring -- the songs of birds filling the air and crocuses peeking up through the ground. You have a beautiful family, Heidi!

~*Dawn*~ said...

Hi Heidi! Cute kids!! I notice that you live in Troy, Ohio. I live in Ashtabula, Ohio (I'm sure you've never heard of it!) A friend of mine just moved to Troy. Love your work. I'll be back!