Monday, March 19, 2007

And the Winners are.......(a little early)


Ann Marie
"OK, I have a wonderful funny about a conversation with my 14 yo daughter. We were driving home from an all-day shopping trip, and I was exhausted, a bit cranky, and starting to tune out her endless chatter. (I hate to admit it, but her vocal chords know no limits!) It's starting to get dark, and we have about an hour's drive home, and I'm listening to her talk about what she likes and doesn't like about every song on her MP3 player. All of a sudden she says, "Mom, what's Basic Tommy." Me: Huh? Basic Tommy? She: "No, I said Vasic Tommy." Me: HUH? Vasic Tommy? What on earth are you talking about? She: "Well I figure it has to do with botox because the billboard showed this old guy with a big smile on his face." Me, trying to keep the car from veering off the road I'm shaking so hard with laughter: Meg, that's v-a-s-e-c-t-o-m-y, not Vasic Tommy! OMG, she still didn't get it, but when she did we both started laughing. Now all I have to do is bring up the Basic Tommy story and we're doubled over with laughter. I cherish this story because it's just so nice to share something pleasant and funny with her because most of the time she's in the throes of teenage angst and mood swings that leave us all wondering what planet she came from!"

P.S. You had all of my sisters and mom cracking up with this story when I told it to them yesterday. Thanks for that!


"To the beautiful Heidi. Just to let you know how much I adore you....I even named my cat after you. Truly. Her name is Heidi and she is 9 years old TODAY! How about that? Well, actually, my then 7 year old named her. When he came up with the name I was very impressed. I LOVE the name Heidi. When I asked him how he had come up with it, he answered "Cuz she likes to hide alot". LOL!! In his mind, her name would have been spelt Hidey (I guess). How's that. Adoration AND a funny story all rolled into one."

Congrats to both of you! Your stories made me really laugh out loud and the adoration parts were nice too! {wink} So many stories made me laugh out loud! So, that's why I had to pick the following runner-ups in these categories:

Been there: doverdi
"When my son was about 2 we were in a restaurant while on vacation and he decided that he had to go to the bathroom. So I took him into the washroom and while we were in the stall, some lady went into the stall next to us. The next thing we heard was a "gas" sound and my son (sweet, little innocent thing that he was) hollers at the top of his lungs "eww, who farted". I'm trying to shush him and he kept hollering but mommy somebody farted. He wouldn't let it end so as soon as he finished we quickly left the bathroom. I don't know who the poor lady was that was in the stall next to us but it was a long time before she came out. lol"

Done that (epidural that is): beiteversohumble (Kathy)
"When I was in labor for my first child, my husband, who worked in a hospital and certainly knew better, went to find the nurse to tell her I was ready for my episiotomy. The nurse kindly said, "I think you mean the epidural, don't you?"
The next one that comes to mind is just when cell phones were starting to become mainstream (yes, I'm old!) I went into a public restroom and sat down on the toilet. In the stall next to me the lady said, "Hi, how ya doin?" Wow, I thought. Very friendly. Tentatively, I said, "Fine." "Whatcha doin?" she said next. I was at a loss at that because of course I was peeing. What was I supposed to say? Then I realized that she was talking on her cell phone - not to me! How embarrassing! I waited until she left the rest room before I came out."

Just plain funny: Holly
"My funny story is about my oldest daughter who was four at the time. It was Easter time and we were decorating Easter eggs and putting them in her Easter basket. I was telling her "The Easter bunny is going to come tonight and take your eggs and hide them. In the morning we'll get up and go hunt 'em!" She looked at me with the widest eyes and said "will we use a gun?"
It took me a couple of seconds to realize she thought we were going to hunt the bunny!"

Best joke: Kenna
"What did the bra say to the hat?

You go on ahead and I'll support these 2."

Church humor: Ilene
"The funny story I think of is from one Easter (church vigil service) when a granddaughter was maybe four years old. We were outside of the church for a procession, candle lighting etc, and the priest had forgotten something inside the church, so he ran back in to get it, well our granddaughter said "look mom, Jesus is running away!" We laughed (everyone laughed)so hard!!! I crave blog candy!!!"

My kid said what?!: stick2home4school (Amy)
"My funny story just happened yesterday. We're all attending a wedding this Saturday and I of course have NOTHING to wear. I dragged the kids kicking and screaming to Kohl's with me to look for something. I found this really cute blouse that I liked, but unfortunately there were none in my size. Drew (my 7yo) who couldn't have been in a bigger hurry to get outta the store said, "Do you like that one Mom?" I said, "Yes son, but it's too big and they don't have any in my size." He pipes up REAL LOUD like, "Don't worry Mom, you can grow into it. Now let's go!"
There were about 4 ladies around us who died laughing. One said, "I was thinking how cute, he's helping his mom shop, and then he said that!" I had to explain to Drew that us grown up ladies are perfectly happy to get smaller, or sometimes even stay the same size...but there's never really a time when we wanna "grow into" our clothes! LOL 'Cept maybe for pregnancy. :D"

All of you who are runner-ups will be getting a chipboard surprise from me!!! There were just so many good ones!! I couldn't help it.

Thanks to all of those that played along!! I love doing the blog candy so be sure and keep checking back for my next round! I think I might do a movie themed one next time!

***Those who won please just email me your snail mail address cause it's less emails back and forth. My email is***


Anonymous said...

Oh My GOD! I'm so shocked! and excited!!! I've never won any blog candy before! I am emailing you my address right now!!! Thank you so much!!!

Anne Marie said...

This is my first blog win too! Thanks, Heidi (I emailed you ealrier). Never thought I'd win, with all the great stories here. Great job, everyone!

stick2home4school said...

Wow, I'm honored to be a runner-up! Thanks Heidi! :)


Holly said...

Wow, what a surprise! I enjoyed reading everyone's funny stories too! Thank Heidi!