Friday, April 20, 2007

Rembering Dad

I just wanted to take a minute today to tell everyone a little bit about my dad. He passed away a year ago today. He had emphysema and CODP along with several other things that just eventually became too much for his body to handle. He was in and out of the hospital for about 5 years but the last year he was there more than at home.

I remember getting the call from my sister saying that he was so bad that they couldn't even get his blood pressure and that I should come down. I dropped what I was doing, got the kids in the car, and drove an hour to be with him. My sisters and I were there gathered around his bed at my sisters house holding his hands, his legs, feet, whatever we could (there are 7 of us).

Dad always loved it when we would sing even though only one of us can really carry a tune. So, for the last time, we all sang him his favorite song 'Dreamchaser'. It was a wonderful moment that I will never forget. We all kissed him goodbye and held onto eachother and just cried. We knew from then on our lives would be different.

Now my family and I are Christians and we know that my father is in heaven. We can get through things like this because we know. I could never imagine not having Jesus or my family to lean on. Even though I know this, it still hurts. It hurts less now, but the pain will always be there. But when I think of him, I don't think of a hospital bed with oxygen tubes in his nose, I think of playing 'Name that Tune' with my sisters and dad giving us a nickel or dime for getting an answer right. I remember going into his workshop and watching him build the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I remember him making me play Super Mario Brothers with him for hours on end. I remember him dancing with me at my wedding. I remember him holding my girls when they were just tiny babies. I remember all of the good times. Thank you Jesus for all of the good times I remember!

I'm not trying to make you guys cry or feel bad for me because I don't feel bad for me. I got 23 wonderful years with him! I was blessed every day he was in my life. And I do thank him now for all those times he said "No, but trust me, you'll thank me later!" Thanks dad! Just hold your family close. Don't wait for a reason to give your sister or brother a call. Send your mom or dad some flowers out of the blue. Just let everyone know how much you love them! Thank God for the blessings in your life! I do!

That is a picture of my dad when he was around 18 I think. He loved the guitar and he was so good at it! I have so many memories of him with that guitar!

I love you daddy!

I have been tagged by Jovi and I also have a few cards to share but I'll be back later for that!


Jennifer said...

Hang on to those memories...they are precious aren't they? Thanks for the reminder to hold our families close and for feeling free to share and celebrate your dad's life!

Stick2home4school said...


Love you,

Nancy said...

You seem to be holding up so much better than Ai am with the same situation.... the anniversary of my dad's death is in a few weeks and I've been a blubbering mess.

Thank you so much for sharing about your Dad today.... and I will do my best to concentrate on the good memories instead of the final days of his life.

Anne Marie said...

Thank you for sharing a little glimpse into the life you had with your father. There probably isn't one person reading your blog who won't have a dry eye, but your point is well expressed. My own mom is in a nursing home with advanced Alzheimers, and I miss her terribly. But I'm thankful I still have my Dad with me.

Rose Ann said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. God bless!!

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing your memories of you dad. My mom passed away two years ago on April 18th so I know what you are going through! {{{hugs}}} Heidi!