Saturday, April 28, 2007

Miss Shoe

This is one of the cards I made to send to Dawn for the troops. I didn't have a high heel shoe stamp and I thought that this might be a little more 'manly' anyway. I would have loved to use combat boots but was fresh out of those too! {wink}

This stamp is actually one of many that I found while cleaning out totes on my 'spring cleaning' kick. There were a whole bunch that my daughter had gotten at a yard sale for a few dollars.

Here are the stamps I'm talking about. They are the 'old school' kids stamps so all I had to do was just trim around them and then I bagged them up so I could find them easy. Most of them I will use kind of like the Very Punny set. I am excited to use that scientist guy on a little card and have it say 'We've got Chemistry!' I know it's corny but I like it!

Thank you everyone for all of the congrats on the Gallery Idol! I asked my family to pray for me so I could clear my head and come up with a card that I really like and am satisfied with whether I make it to the next stage or not. I'd love if you guys could do the same!!!

Here are the details to the contest you might want to know:

*Voting for the next round begins on Monday at Noon (MST) does anyone know the EST for that?

*Voting ends on Thursday at Noon (MST)

*You can only vote ONCE!

*The top 15 will be announced on Friday.

I would love for all of you to vote for me but I want you to vote for the card you like best. If it's not my card then don't vote for me. Even though I would REALLY appreciate it! But I want you to choose the one you really like. Although we are pretty tight, right? Do what you feel you should.

Just kidding! Really though, vote for the best card. I would hate to be a Sanjaya!


Ana said...

CONGRATS HEIDI!!! You totally deserve to be the PC gallery Idol. You are amazing and have such talent. I am going over right now and voting plus I might get a few other fam members to vote too..hehehe
Hugs Ana

Anne Marie said...

Cute stamps! I'm dying to see the little scientist guy ... see if you can whip something up in the next few days, woodja woodja woodja pleeeaaassseee??? :)

Chris Smith said...

Congrats on being a finalist in gallery idol, Heidi. You sure are having a great week! Make sure you stop back and click on the "email me" under my picture and send me your address for your blog candy!

Chris Smith said...

PS...your miss show card is so adorable. love the simplicity!

Dawn Mercedes said...

noon MST is 2pm EST...

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

How ADORABLE is that Miss Shoe card! :) You did a beautiful job with the colors and I really like the shadowing underneath them. :)