Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cards for Momma!

  • Stampabilites stamp
  • DCWV Pocket full of Posies mat stack
  • watercolor paper
  • Aqua painters, re-inkers, ribbon, flower brads, pop dots
I went ahead and made a set of 4 of these to send to my momma for her to give to her friends. She'll really like these I think. I colored them in while I was watching House last night. Is it just me or are you guys (those of you who watch) getting sick of Cameron? Last year I was all for House and Cameron getting together but lately she has become a bit of a hmmmm..... *tart* Now I am really wanting him and Cuddy to get together and have a baby. But then that would kind of end the show so maybe at the end of the series (which I hope isn't for a long time) they will finally put them together.

I also watched How I met your Mother on Monday night, thought the bridal shower scene was pretty funny. You can tell it's TV cause in real life you know you would've grabbed the present and ran!

You have to check this link if you want a smile!!!! Kittens always have a way of making things a little better!!!!


Jennifer said...

Cute cards! Love your watercoloring on them!

kansmom said...

your Momma is gonna love them! oh and excellent choice of stamps!!! I love that one and it has been on my wishlist for awhile now. lol and about House . . . I LOVE that show! and yes Cameron is a tart . . . of course I thought that when she was after Greg! snort ! It is the only show I watch on tv anymore well besides ER and I think that is just about over, I think.

Peggy S said...

The cards you made for your Mom are so fun! Do you like How I Met your Mother? I think it's SOOO funny but not many of my friends watch it. My BF loves the Barney character. I think it's almost as good as The Office.

Jessica (jessrose21) said...

I'm definitely sick of Cameron and the whole "free-love" thing. But if you call her a tart, then you have to call the man (I forget his name!) a tart, too, or whatever the male equivalent would be.
Your cards are really cute! Watching TV is great time to color.

Penny & Lisa said...

Adorable cards! Love them!!! Lisa K

Lenita said...

Just found your blog, love your cards! You do very nice work! Looking forward to checking in regularly.