Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jumbo Paper Clip

I started this last night but had to wait for the Crystal Effects to dry. I should have used a glue gun, I get a little impatient! Oh well, somehow I made it through. I am going to send this along with the cards I made for my momma. She is the only person I know that tries to find time to read anymore! It's a rarity for me! I think I'll do another one today for a friend of my moms.

  • Jumbo paper clip (Target, pack of 5)
  • BasicGrey Lilly Kate paper
  • chipboard flowers (Joann's chipboard pack)
  • button, ribbon
I wanted to tell you guys about a new stamp company I just found. You might have heard the buzz on them from Kendra or Asela's blogs. They are Hambo stamps. Oh my goodness! They are so funny! They remind me a lot of River City Rubber Works when it comes to their hilarious sentiments but most of theirs are ones I have never heard before! They have Fractured Funnies which are basically like the innie and outie sentiments for your cards. I was literally laughing out loud reading these! A few of my faves...

Innie: "Fate made us family"
Outie: "Prozac made us friends"

Innie: "Friends like you don't come around often"
Outie: "Thank goodness for neighborhood watch!"

OMGoodness! Are those not the funniest things you've ever heard!?! What I love about it is they read the front thinking you are being all sweet and such. Open it up.....NOT! Too funny! You really need to check them out! I am hoping to be able to get a few this weekend, but we shall see.


Anne Marie said...

Why is it that you bloggers find it necessary to ENABLE us into spending more money? OMG, those fractured funnies are the funniest I've seen in a long time. I just sat at my computer to cool down after a fight with my 14 yo (remember, Basic Tommy?)...I REALLY needed those funnies this morning! Love the paper clip, by the way ... oh, and the reason your mother is the only person you know who reads anymore? Probably she's the only one who has time to read! (Oh how I'm looking forward to my children moving out of the house someday!) :D Have a great day, Heidi, and thanks for putting a smile on my face!

Rose Ann said...

Cute paperclip! I love that tiny button.

Need to check out those stamps. ;)