Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My baby is 5!

Okay, I can't believe that my baby, my first born, my princess is 5! Yesterday was almost like a smack in the face! {smack} Hey mom, I'm, growing up! {smack} But {smack} you're {smack} my {smack} baby! {smack} Alright, I might have gone a tad overboard with the smacking thing but that's just the way it feels. And let me tell you she's 5 going on 15! Sometimes the attitude that comes out of her mouth is scary! Where did THAT come from!? I swear she didn't get it from me! {wink}

She does crack me up though too. A few days ago she had me laughing so hard I was crying! She and Joe were on the couch being silly with eachother and he said "Go get me a Tea". She gave me a weird look and a minute later she shows up with the magnetic letter 'T' from the fridge. Joe and I cracked up! It was so funny. So I called Ava over and said, "Could you go get daddy a tea please?" She goes and gets a bottle of tea out of the fridge and brings it in. Jolee then had a 'duh' moment and started laughing with us. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

Here is the birthday card I made her. She, like Ava, loves the Bellas so I knew that's what I had to use for hers too.

  • Cakeabella stamp (stampingbella)
  • The Paper Studio patterned paper
  • Lavender Lace, DCWV pink, white paper
  • Cuttlebug Swirls EF
  • Prismacolors and Gamsol
  • scallop scissors, flowers, rhinestones
This is one I made a few days ago. I'm not too much of a 'scenery' stamper. I pretty much just like to stamp one or two images and leave it at that. I got this stamp from Eat Cake Graphics though (and it has me wanting more) and you kinda have to add to it. It doesn't have to stamped images that you add, but it does need something extra. I really enjoyed coloring it in and all but lesson #1 (and I know I am yelling when I say this) ALWAYS STAMP YOUR SENTIMENT BEFORE YOU COLOR AN ENTIRE IMAGE LIKE THIS!!!!!!!! It took me about 20-25 minutes to color this and get it just how I want and then I mess up the sentiment! It looks pretty bad but I'm hoping that the images will distract the viewer from how bad the words look! Let me know!!

I used a marker on the Happy Harmony stamp because I wanted to leave out the word 'big'. I thought it was too scripty and might not look right with the image. Looking back, I should have just left it. Instead though, I used an alphabet set from TAC to stamp 'big'.

  • Trust stamp (ECG), Happy Harmony (SU), Simple Alphabet (TAC)
  • Prismacolors and Gamsol
  • white cardstock
  • pop dots (I popped up the sun)
I hope everyone enjoys the weather today cause the rest of the week we have a chance of snow! At least in Ohio. Can you believe that??? High of 78 today but nothing higher than 40 degrees the rest of the week! It's madness I tell ya! So much for an outside Easter egg hunt!


Jessica (jessrose21) said...

Very nice cards! I really like the last one and someday I will get some Eat Cake Graphics stamps. I just love them all and don't know how to choose just a few! If you hadn't said anything about your sentiment goof, I wouldn't have seen anything and quite honestly, I still don't! I think it looks cute.

Julie said...

Great cards Heidi! Happy Birthday to your daughter! It is a funny age, isn't it? My oldest turns 5 on the 20th and someimes I just don't know where she comes up with the stuff she does! :) Hope yours had a great day!

Julia Stainton said...

Don't worry about the sentiment...your coloring is stunning! It happens to us all! Love your card...very fresh!

Erin K said...

I have no idea what problem there is with the sentiment. The card is STUNNING. :) I love eat cake.

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Beautiful cards!!! Happy 5th b-day to your little princess!!! My baby will be 16 this year...yikes!