Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A little of this, a little of that!

I know you all are dying to know how my weekend went!! Even if you weren't, I'm gonna tell you anyway! We had such a good time!!!!! I am really looking forward to going back in the future. Maybe by then we'll have friends, so we can go with other people {grin}. Anyway, we got there and went straight to the room and ordered room service. Wow! It was fantastic! That was some of the best Fettuccine Alfredo I've ever had! Then we went downstairs and lost some money on the Video Poker slots (I hate slots but agreed to play because at least I felt I had some control of the outcome). After that I played some Black Jack but lost on that too. So, by the end of the night I had lost about *don't freak* $200. However, the second day was way better for me!! I won $200 on the Video Poker slots and IMMEDIATELY walked away! Went over to the Roulette table cause Joe said "Go to the Roulette table." {now mind you he played live poker tables 90% of the time} So, I go to the Roulette table and play the same # over and over again until I lose $100. Yep, that stunk, so I walked around a while and decided to try again, only my way and not the way Joe said I should. I took my $60 I had left and wished on a star! It had went up to $10 minimum from $5 so I picked 5 numbers and put $2 on each, and won. Over and over again. I ended up cashing out at almost $300 I think. Then the next day I did Roulette again and played for about 3 hours and turned $100 into $500, however I lost about $160 before I cashed out. Gotta know when to quit I guess. My thoughts were, Joe will be playing poker for 4 hours so I might as well sit here and keep playing.

So, all in all I was $250 up from what I started with. Joe on the other hand, well, didn't do as well as I did. We had lots of fun though and that was the point of the weekend. Thanks for listening to me ramble!!

Now I need to address the Queen Kat Designs blog party I *started* to host. I found out that Pooka wasn't so sick and she was actually doing the party so I decided not to double up especially since we were going to be gone for the weekend. However, I was a bad bad blogger and didn't say that before I left. So, my apologies! Nicole, from Collections from My Journey, you will be getting something from me for playing along so expect an email from me!

Now, last and most exciting!!!! Lookie Lookie, I got Hookie! Okay, maybe not. Just happened to have a 90's flashback to Robin William's 'Hook'. BUT! Lookie what Starving Artistamps just released! The first is this rockin' Large Silhouette Flowers sheet

And also the Tulips and Orchids!!

You can get them by the sheet or individually.

And even better!!! If you use my code heidis you get 10% off any order you place!!! Can't beat that can ya!? I will be making another mini post with this code in it along with the details so I can link it to a button on the side so you can always check back if you forget the code!!

Well, I got new rubber and it just can't sit there all by it's lonesome! Have a fantastic day!!


Rose Ann said...

Heidi...I'm so happy to hear you had a fun time!

Those new SA images are gorgeous, aren't they? I can't wait to get my new stamps (any day now). ;)

Nicole said...

Heidi sounds like you had a blast... I'm a blackjack girl myself. Just wanted to say thank you for not forgeting about me with the Queen Kat challenge!!