Monday, February 25, 2008

Across the Universe, with a pear and some flowers

I bet the title got you curious right? I have a few cards to share, but first I wanted to say how lately Joe and I have been enjoying movies that a few years ago we probably would have turned off 20 minutes into or just avoided renting. Across the Universe is one of them. They played the previews over and over again and although I do enjoy a Beatles song now and again, I certainly didn't have a strong desire to watch a musical full of them! However, my curiosity got the better of me and on the day it came out I rented it (I always go to Blockbuster on Tuesday so I can rent the new movies as soon as they come out. We are a very movie watching family!). Joe and I put it in at around 11pm on a Friday night and within an hour he was asleep, leaving me to watch the other 2 hours by myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the music but was a little distracted by a few of the parts that would probably been more enjoyable if you were on the acid trip with them. In no way am I encouraging an acid trip though, so don't take that wrong! {grin} But then again, it was the 60's and 70's. That's what that era was about, war, drugs, and rock and roll. It was pretty accurate. Anyway, Joe watched it again the next day and what is really funny is it was way better the second time. Don't ask me why. I also heard from several other people that you have to watch it a second time to really appreciate it. Maybe I was distracted by a few outlandish moments or the fact that I was up way too late watching. I definitely think it was worth watching and as soon as Blockbuster has a used copy for sale, I'll be buying, if nothing else but to listen to the songs that didn't come on the soundtrack that I HAD to run out and buy!! Seriously, you have to check out the soundtrack! It rocks.

Side note, I rented Young Frankenstein last a few weeks ago and the kids loved it so much they made me buy it! Can you believe that!? An old movie like that grabbed ALL THREE of their attentions enough to want to watch it over and over again. Clinton is 2! Just cracks me up! Jolee (6 next month) says it's her new favorite movie.

Okay, back to reality now! Ava's birthday is on Saturday and Jolee's is in a month and I have been bothering Joe for over a month now to help me decide what to get them for their birthday. Before, he wanted to get Jolee a dirt bike. I'm fine with that because I know he will teach them well and it doesn't scare me that she would be doing that. But, I told him that we can't get Jolee that and buy Ava a few Barbie's. Not fair. My suggestion is to get a 4 wheeler (in their size) so they can both enjoy it and we give it to both of them. Last night Joe tells me he wants to get Ava a 4 wheeler and Jolee a dirt bike. Ugh! My response "That's a lot of money!" BUT! He works hard for the money and if he wants to spoil them for the first time (we have never gotten them anything big like this and they aren't spoiled by us, other than the money we put in their savings every month) who am I to stop him? It won't put us in debt and we wouldn't be digging in the couch for change. Let's just see if it's going to pan out or not. He is worse than a woman when it comes to changing his mind!

Now that I have bored you with my life lately, I'll share some cards!

Both of these are Starving Artistamps stamps today. I just finished up my batch so I could get the new silhouette flowers and regular flowers Tracey has put in the store! She has even more stuff in the works!! I am so excited! You guys are gonna love the new stuff! You can get the stamps used on these cards right now though! Just skip on over to Starving Artistamps and remember to use my heidis code to get 10% off!

  • STAMPS- tooled leather roses, fern leaf tooled leather BG (Starving Artistamps)
  • PAPER- Tempting Turquoise, Chocolate Chip, Mellow Moss
  • INK- Chocolate Chip, Versamark
  • OTHER- Versamark pen (to darken parts of petals), brads, edge distresser, pop dots

I had an idea to use this pear for a Valentine card with a heart in the middle, but it just didn't work out the way I planned. I cannot do the kissing technique to save my life! Not well anyway. The pear is coated with Crystal Effects to give it shine.

  • STAMPS- pear (Starving Artistamps)
  • PAPER- BasicGrey 'Gypsy'
  • INK- Colorbox Lime Pastel
  • OTHER- Nestabilities, scalloped edge scissors, Crystal Effects, pop dots

Soooooo, I guess I'll see all of you later!! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!


Tami Bayer said...

Gorgeous cards. I love both of those stamps, and you used such great colors with them. I love the stories about the movies. Young Frankenstein is going to be in Hollywood as a play this spring and we are considering it...sounds like fun!

Rose Ann said...

Your Starving Artistamps cards are very beautiful, Heidi!! Can't wait to see what you do with those pretty new flowers too!!

Bethany Paull said...

I LOVE that shiny pear! Wonderful card. The flowered card is so pretty too.

Janine said...

Both these cards are lovely but I just love the flower card.. The color of the paper etc. is just gorgeous... I love that color blue.

Pegg S said...

Both cards are gorgeous -- the textures on both are really great!

I am excited to see that movie now that you mentioned it -it's on our Netflix queue.

milkshake007 said...

I'm not a fan of musicals so I was skeptical when we rented it and boy did I love that movie. Awesome, awesome, awesome.....

Love your cards...thanks for sharing.