Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today is reserved for crafting!

Hello! Hello! Hello! I have decided that today will be a very productive craft day for me!! The weather is kind of stinky outside so the kids will be inside all day, I've only got 2 loads of landry to do, and there are a few deadlines that I need to meet. Plus, I deserve it! I didn't even get to stamp on WCMD!! How sad is that! I've only gotten to make 1 card since my post last week so my precious babies {aka my stamps} need some real lovin'! My real precious babies have gotten plenty of lovin' lately, hence the no cards made!

I joined the SCS WishRAK group and I have really enjoyed it so far! My wishes haven't gotten granted as of yet but I have granted 6! That has also kept me a little busy! I really can't imagine all of the work that goes into that though! I wish I had time to volunteer some help but with my DTs, Craft Critique (working on some cool things!), and regular life I have plenty on my plate! I love it though! I love having something to do when I sit down to craft. It cuts down the 'sitting at my table, staring at cardstock, wondering what stamps to use, my brain is melting' time!

By the way, I am in an image swap hosted by babitoons for Stampendous images so if you have a Stampendous stamp and wanna join here is the link. We still need to fill 6 spots so don't be shy!

So, now on to share my slighty stressful news! Monday, Joe rode his bike (motorcycle) into work. He parked it, went inside, changed his pants (has to wear flame retardant clothes), and got paged to go outside. Guess what he sees when he gets outside? His bike laying on top of a another bike, a Harley-Davidson to be exact. WHAT!? Apparently he ran over something on the way into work and when he parked his bike and went inside, his tire went flat. As his tire went flat, it leaned and fell over, resulting in hitting the other bike and knocking it over as well. Who knew!? I guess the other guy was pretty mad at first but cooled down later in the day. We have to have an adjuster come out today and give an estimate on the damages. As much as that sucks, I'm just glad he wasn't on the bike when the tire went flat! Making lemonade from lemons people, lemonade from lemons!

Alright, so I'm going to make one more card before I post both of them. I promise I'll be back by noon with both of my cards! See ya then!!

P.S. I realized that my hit counter is past 31,000 soooooo I'm overdue for blog candy so I am going to think about what I want to do this week and I'll probably post it next week. I'll definitely be throwing lots of images in!

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