Monday, October 01, 2007

Back and refreshed!

Just a forwarning, there will be nothing crafty in this post! Just giving an update and filling you guys in on how nice of a time I had this past weekend!

Hubby and I left Thursday night for Gatlinburg, TN and didn't get back until last night. Wow, did I need that! Actually we both really needed that! Joe just graduated and he also has been a bit stressed out with work so it was a great load off his shoulders to not have to do anything. And funny thing is that is pretty much what we did, nothing. If you have ever been to Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Seveirville, you know that there are soooo many things to do there. However, we chose to do the opposite! We ate, and ate, and ate some more! I am so spoiled now! I don't want to cook! All the food was fantastic (if you're planning on going there any time I can give you some suggestions!) and if we hadn't walked everywhere we went I would be 10 pounds heavier right now!

One of the few places we went was Ripley's Aquarium. Wow! It was really neat! I have been to the Newport Aquarium on the Ohio-Kentucky border but the Ripley's one was way better I thought. The seahorses were my favorite part. They were wrapping their tails around eachother, it was really neat. I also got to touch stingrays. Definitely a good place to go!

We did the go kart racing too and that was really cool. Joe bumped me and spun me out twice so the guys had to come and turn my car around. That was a little embarassing! It was a blast though!

Coming back to a house full of toys, random clutter, and too much laundry to even think about, I felt a little like Cinderella. I have sucked it up this morning though and tackled most of it already. Joe started 1st shift this morning and he could be on it for up to 6 months until he qualifies for the job he just got last week. Once he qualifies (they think that he has been trained enough to do the job on the shift he wants) he will move to 4th shift. 4th shift is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7am to 7pm. He works 36, gets paid for 40, and get Mon-Thur off. He is realllllllly looking forward to that! I think it will be good for us as a family, especially a home schooling family.

Anyway, I have to catch up on a lot of online things today too and I want to sit down and make at least 1 card. Oh yeah, I'll have invites for my niece's birthday party to show you later, I just need to resize the picture and whatnot. Until then, have a great day!!!


Amy said...

Hey you,
Glad to hear you had a good time on your trip away! Chat with you soon.


Rose Ann said...

It's so good to hear you were able to get away for some fun! Miss your awesome creations, though. Can't wait to see.