Thursday, June 28, 2007

Product Talk Thursday-Chalk Ink

I think my last nerves are slowly peeling away this afternoon. Don't worry, this isn't a vent. I'm not really 'mad' about anything. Just seems like the kids are doing every single thing possible to make sure I get up every 30 seconds. KWIM? I just want to sit down. I have tried to post this for about 2 hours now but I keep having to get up. I need to pick up around the house too. Fold laundry and such. I'm am really not looking forward to it AT ALL! I took them to a butterfly house and park this morning with my cousin Tiff and her kids. They all had a really good time. We took some bread to feed the ducks but there was only one on the pond. We did see some Blue Gill though so I threw a piece in to see if one would eat it. They were on that bread like stink on a skunk! It was pretty neat. I had half a loaf that was starting to get stale at home so we fed the fish and turtles for about 20 minutes. I was walking around passing out bread to strangers telling them to feed the fish with it. They probably thought I was a lunatic! Oh well! Anyway, we had a really nice morning but man Clinton is at that age where he wants down to run around all the time. And he had to stay in the stroller most of the time and was pretty mad about that. Mark my words, the next time I am at the store I am buying a child leash!!!!!

So, onto the product talk! I asked a question on SCS about what chalk ink people prefer and I would say the front runner is Colorbox Cat's eye Chalk Ink. Several people also said they loved Versamagic. I did a quick comparison sheet on Colorbox and Versamagic so you could get an idea on what they look like on different shades of paper. I did it in white, a light pink, a medium purple, and a dark black.

As you can see they all look beautiful on white. They both dry quickly and are true to the color shown on the pad you purchase. However the darker the paper, the less the Colorbox stands out. It really fades into the background on the black. The Versamagic loses most of it's color on darker papers but is still gives a pretty visible image.

The price of the Colorbox per cat's eye is slightly lower than the Versamagic dew drop. You can get an individual cat's eye from Eclectic Paperie for $1.99 each and the dew drops for $2.39.

I have a few of each but if I had to choose one, it would be the Versamagic. Their array of colors is gorgeous and I love the tiny bit of shimmer it gives when you stamp with it.

Here is a quick card I did for the SCS sketch challenge. I wanted to use some bright summery paper. KI Memories did just the trick! I used my Cropadile (again!) and of course I stickled it up too!

  • KI Memories paper
  • Pumpkin Pie CS
  • Ribbons and Bows Oh My! ribbon
  • eyelets and cropadile
  • brad
  • stickles
I got a House Mouse stamp yesterday at Hobby Lobby. It the two mice with the Christmas lights wrapped around them. They had it clearanced for $2.87 so I figured I had to try it out for that price. House Mouse really isn't my style but I love all of the cards everyone else makes with them! Plus I am making Christmas cards this Saturday at my cousin's house so we can get a head start on that holiday that sneaks up on all of us! Can't wait to sit down and stamp for hours and hours without my kids!!! If you have any House Mouse Christmas cards I would love to see them! Share a link if you can so I can get some inspiration!!!!


Rose Ann said...

I love the bright and cheery colors...and the ribbon is also very pretty. Very nice card!

chelemom said...

Love the cheery! I have been using the House Mouse stamps as well!

Bethany Paull said...

Really pretty! I love those patterened papers together! It look great too, how you have the white sentiment as your focal point.