Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dutch Girl on my porch!

No, not a real Dutch girl, but something even better!!!!! The Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl paper!!!!! Wooooooo-Hoooooooo! I have been waiting on this for what seems like forever! It came with all of the other stuff that I won when I made top 20 and top 15 in the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol contest. Lookie at what I get to play with!

So what do I do first?!? Everything is so delicious that I don't know where to start! I do know that those DCWV glitter cards are pretty awesome! I just have to be vewy vewy caweful (in my best Elmer Fudd voice) because you only get 5 in a pack and I don't want to mess any up! Wish me luck!!!!!

*Oh, by the way, I think I might be a little bit coo-coo but the Halfway Cafe paper smells like an antique store! Which is what the paper reminds me of. I thought it must just be the way they make the paper but I smelled the Dutch Girl pack and nope, doesn't smell the same. How weird! But totally cool because the smell completely gets me in the right mood to use it!

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Daniela said...

I got the exact same thing, including the book. Enjoy your stuff.