Monday, October 30, 2006

Movie Review

Well, Joe and I watched movies all weekend! It was his first weekend off for family time in a long while. Last weekend we didn't get to spend it with the kids so we were making up for it this time around. We all cuddled up on the couch and really enjoyed eachother. It was so nice! So, here are my movie ratings from this weekend. *Not all of these were watched with our children!!*

-Monster House 3/5 stars I thought it was geared from maybe 8 and older kids. Most of the humor went right past my 2 and 4 year old. They still liked it though, and so did Joe and I.
-Over the hedge 4/5 stars I laughed out loud quite a bit in this one. The girls liked the characters.
-Nacho Libre 1.5/5 stars There were a few funny parts. Ava fell asleep, Jolee didn't laugh once, and Joe kept asking me to put something else in.
-An American Haunting 2.5/5 stars It was different, although different isn't always good.
-American Dreamz 2/5 stars The only funny part about this movie is they pegged America so well. The whole movie is full of sarcasim about the U.S.

We also watched a few others last week.

-Click 4.25/5 stars This was really good. We both love Adam Sandler so maybe that's why we thought it was so great. It was funny but it also made Joe and I both cry! The only bad thing about this movie is it seemed to drag a little.
-The Break-Up 3.5/5 stars Joe LOVES Vince Vaughn. We both liked this one. Some just don't turn out the way you expect. You should definitely watch the bonus footage though. It's worth it.

Okay, so now on to crafty things. I have started getting some things packaged up and ready for Christmas Around Sabina that's coming up in a few weeks. I stopped in Hobby Lobby tonight to try and pick up some Harley Davidson stickers to put on a few ornaments but they didn't really have what I was looking for. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to scratch that idea all together.

Here are the ones I have in their boxes so far (sorry about the glare, I had to use the flash). I have lots more but I haven't decided if I want to have many of them out on a tree yet. I think I might put like 3 or 4 on a small tree so people can get a better look at them but I think I will just go ahead and box most of them up. Any suggestions would help out!

The doggy one I did with Creamy Caramel and silver glitter. I figured there are so many dog freaks now-a-days (I am related to some!!! You know who you are!) that I might as well cater to them too! The ribbon is just the puppy paw print bobbin ribbon that I got from Ribbons and Bows Oh My online. I can't wait to get to the other ribbon I got from there!

Well, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween tomorrow! I'll be back with pictures of the girls I'm sure!! Until then......goodnight!

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Stick2Home4School said...

Hey Heidi!
Love the pretty!

We've been movie watching at our house a lot lately also. We really liked Click too! Funny how much Shane and Joe's taste in movies is similar. Shane likes V. Vaughn too...ever since Dodgeball. LOL

The kids liked Monster House, and Over the Hedge. :)

Love your updates..I look for them often since you're on my "blogs to read daily" list. ;)