Monday, March 31, 2008

Now I know how headless chicken feel.

**If you don't want to read a little rant then skip down to the card! {grin}**

I am anticipating and fearing the week ahead. I know at several points I will probably scream, or at least want to. I have to clean my house from top to bottom. I've got to get all the crevices in between and my goal is to also steam clean the carpet. We'll see if the latter happens. The big reason I have to do this is because I will be having a house full of people on Saturday. Another reason is, it just needs to be done. The dust bunnies have been comfy too long and need to be evicted! I guarantee I will try to think of a reason NOT to do several things, but in the end I will realize that I have to do it.

On top of cleaning, I have to but the food for Jolee and Ava's party, get a few other small things for their party, and decorate the house like a princess castle in an extremely cool way. BTW, if you have done a princess party and have a few ideas, I'd love to hear! We are having everyone come in a princess dress and we are doing hair, make-up, and nails along with lots of games and prizes. I have the food and snack planned out pretty well but could always use some good ideas for decorations!

Other than those two things, the Go Kart should be coming tomorrow (don't ask!) which means I have to be here when it comes. If any of you read my blog often, you know Tuesday is my 'out' day. We go to Blockbuster, Kroger, Hobby Lobby, etc.... and usually play at Burger King or MD's. I have things I need to get done tomorrow and I have a big feeling that like every other delivery person or cable person in history, if they say they will be here at 11am then they will most likely be here at 2.

Wednesday is Jolee's actual birthday, therefore we do whatever she wants to do the whole day. She chose Chuckie Cheese's this year. I'm excited for her and the kids to have fun but I have a feeling I'm going to be thinking about things I need to get done before Saturday. Well, actually before Friday because my mom and sis are coming up a day early so they can stay 2 nights to spend extra time with us. They will be happy to help me decorate and such though, so I'm not stressed at all about them coming up early. I'll have to have my house clean by Friday though.

Joe has to replace the brake pads and front rotors on my van. It's supposed to rain all week. I can't go (and don't wanna with the way my brakes are now) to Dayton to get a few of the party favors at Michael's like I need to if my brakes aren't fixed. And just so you know, I'll have most likely screamed a few times at this point of the week.

I also have a few deadlines that I need to get done. I am so very excited to have a super cool birthday party for the girls and I am going to be so happy to have my house clean clean, it's just getting there that sometimes stinks! If any of you read this whole rant then God bless you and thank you! You are a true friend!

I need something cute to make me smile! Here she is! I made this last week and my sister gave me the idea for the stage. Thanks sis!

  • STAMPS- Mrs. Piggie (available April 1st via Queen Kat Designs)
  • PAPER- black, kraft
  • INK- Stazon jet black
  • OTHER- fabric, ribbon, flower, rhinestones, white Souffle pen, Stardust glitter pen, pop dots

On another note, Joe and I finally agreed on the rest of our Homeschool curriculum! We are going with Explode the Code for reading/phonics, Math U See for math, BJU Press for Science, Bible Study, and Heritage (which is like geography, history, etc..) and we will supplement here and there with little things. I got some really great Sight Words work books at B Dalton too. We are really excited to get more of a structure than we had before. Joe will be switching shifts net week so we will be switching off teaching during the week too. Yay! Alright, I think I have blabbed enough for today! I hope all of you have a wonderful day!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, just one more thing. I took this pic last week. It is the first flower of spring that we have seen!


Lindsay Spencer said...

Good luck with your week. When I had a princess party for Kelsey, we got those foam visors. We turned them upside down so they pointed up, and decorated them like a crown. You can get them at WM. I love you picture of the flower. And cute card!

Janine said...

What a sweet card!

Rose Ann said...

Adorable card, and your stage is very clever!! Beautiful flower picture! There is hope of warmer weather. ;)

stargate_freak2 said...

Good luck Aunt Heidi you know Im always cheerin fer ya!!!! Oh I added a new poem come check it out

kssdesigns said...

I read your blog often but never post and I just couldn't let this one go without telling you your card is so cute and quite clever! TFS

Sam Morris said...

Lol, I know exactly how you felt as I'm going through that myself this week as it's my dad's 70th and family will be descending on our house!! Glad to see yours all worked out and love the go~karting photo :D

Oh great card the little stage set up and how you've used the flower for the skirt! :)

Anonymous said...

interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter.