Saturday, April 19, 2008

Canadian Blog Candy.....and a card, eh!

Good Morning Canadians!!!!! And non Canadians too! I have some goodies for you guys today!
A while back I entered to win blog candy from Cornish Heritage Farms for their new Rummage Bin releases. Well, one of the ones I signed up for (and didn't even realize this was the set I was entering for) was The Great Canadian Stamp Set. I felt that I jipped some cool Canadian out there out of a great set so I decided to pass it along, although I really love the seasons stamps and that stinkin' Moose! Ah well! So, here it is! And here are the rules:

1. You must currently live in Canada!
2. You must leave a comment saying what your favorite thing about living there is!
3. You must leave your comment by Wednesday, April 23rd.

Please pass the word around!!! I'll pick a random number and announce the winner on Thursday morning! Good Luck!

Oh, and before I go, I wanted to share a card I did this morning. The tree branch is going to be awesome for some spooky Halloween cards, but I thought it would be a cool card for a dad too!

  • STAMPS- Tree Branch (Starving Artistamps)
  • PAPER- Basic Grey
  • INK- Colorbox Dark Brown
  • OTHER- Making Memories metal word, brads

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a great day!!


Lindsay Spencer said...

Great card Heidi. So nice of you to pass on some love too.

Stamping Gals said...

Hey Heidi...super idea! I love your looks super spooky!

I am Canadian (duh!). I like it here because on April 19th, we are expecting over a foot of snow...ha ha! No, I will say that after living in the States for almost four years, I do appreciate our social safety net. I like to know that when I pay taxes, they are actually paying for things like health care, road construction, schools, etc.!

Allison said...

Double duh...that last comment was from me, Allison @ I am updating my other site!

Karen Gladney said...

Hi Heidi:

Great blog. I live in Newfoundland and the best thing I love about living in Canada is that we are a free country and that if need be we have some great safety nets like social and medical. I don't think that I would rather live in any other country in the world.

Great blog candy. Tks so much for sharing.

Tracy said...

I'll agree on the spookiness of the card... but great for a dad too.

In Canada... loving the 52 weeks of maternity leave. My heart breaks for my US friends who have to face returning to work after 12 weeks.

Thanks for this.


Lindsay said...

Sweet, sweet candy!! Especially because its canadian!! I love being a canadian for many reasons, the weather not being one of them right now as it snows outside, but I love living in canada because we actually have all the seasons and then some, sometimes all in one day or one love being a canadian because of our medical plans. I love being an albertan because we dont have pst (ss to all you other provinces)

Thanks for the chance to win some candy!


Deanna said...

Hi... kewl blog, love the father card!

I have to say ditto on the 1 year mat leave... it definitely come in handy! :)

Tanis said...

Hey Heidi :)
This week I am very thankful for Canada's health care system and that we don't need to worry about the financial aspects of my FIL's heart crisis. He's home and ok, btw :) Just spent yesterday and today visiting with him. YAY!
Thanks for the opportunity to win that great Canadian treat!

Tonniece said...

Hi Heidi
Wow... where to start
I love living in Canada, because as stated in earlier posts the medical is great, but if you are planning a trip anytime soon I truley believe you should check us out.
Canada has some of the worlds most beautiful cities, landmarks, mountains, ski resorts, camping grounds (for those so inclined), and the people are amoung the friendlies you'll ever want to meet.
London Ontario where i was born and raised is one of the cleanest cities I've ever seen, Vancouver is a must see.
Well I could go on and on but I'll spare you all that.
This is just the ramblings of a very proud Canadian.
Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy

Have a great weekend

Bernice D said...

Thanks for the chance to win some Canadian related candy! I am a born and raised Albertan, love not having to pay PST, I am 1 hour from the foothills, camping and quadding and even wildlife in our backyards in town- even moose occassionally. Medical is good, even great if compared to some places. We could be cross country skiing today, but the snow won't be here next weekend. I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Michelle said...

How cool is this! just for us Canadians, don't see that very often - THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!

I live in Calgary, AB - what do I like about living in Canada...hmmm, well certainly not Winter! I guess I would have to say the majestic mountains, living near Banff, Canmore & Lake Louise, it's absolutely breathtaking there.

bubblegum girl said...

I love the universal health care, the gorgeous scenery and being able to see wildlife once in a while. the most common critter it seems like up here (northern alberta) is moose and my mom was worried when i started driving because a full grown moose would prolly kill me if i hit it with my car. And not having to pay PST is awesome.

Colleen said...

Well, how much fun is this?! So many things I love about living here, but probably the most important would be the social welfare system that provides universal medical and education. And the scenery isn't too bad either - beach on one side and mountains on the other for us BCers!

Love your card!

Dawn Easton said...

Hey Heidi! First I want to say I think the card is fantastic! I can see many things for it for Halloween or even fall by stamping some colourful leaves around it or even using a spectrum pad behind it! TFS!

Thank you for offering up this fabulous blog candy! That stamp set rocks!

1. Yep I'm a Canadian living in Edmonton, Alberta
2. One of the best things about living here(in Western Canada) is that the Rocky Mountains aren't too far away and it's a nice weekend getaway. Whether you ski or snowboard or hike. It's a great place to enjoy nature!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Carmen said...

Thanks for thinking of us... things I love about Canada (in no particular order) are Smarties, ketchup potato chips and hockey!!

Tara Macfarlane said...

What a great set and of course very nice of you to share the love! I of course live in Canada, Chilliwack BC to be exact. I was born and raised in BC and I absolutely love the fact that all in one day you can hit the slopes and go skiing and then hit the valley and go hiking or boating. Of course there are lots of lakes here so fishing and camping are the norm in these parts. If you backwood camp you probably run into a moose! TFS

Sandra Paul said...


First time I see a blog candy just for Canadians. Cool!

So I live in Gatineau, Quebec.
My favorite thing about living here it is hard to say just 1 but I would say the 4 different seasons we have, Safest country in the world and the space we have and nature.

Val said...

I live in BC, a province that I love! I love the fact that we have universal health care. It is reassuring to know that we don't have to worry if we have to have surgery or various medical tests. It's all covered! I don't like the fact that it's late April and it feels like winter...wait...blowing snow, -11 degree C. with's still winter!!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Look at all these comments, eh! Heidi your gettin' lots of Canadian love here. :)

Brenda said...

Yah...sweet candy just for Canadians...gotta love that! Thanks for sharing, and for this chance to win!
I'll tell ya, I'm NOT always lovin' our Canadian winters...but I really do love living on our spacious farm in friendly Manitoba! I also love our health care system, as I've had a lot of surgeries!
Happy Spring!

NormaJ said...

I love Canada for many of the reasons that others have given. I grew up in Montreal, very cosmopolitan and bilingual and then
moved to Vancouver and married.
BC is a great place to live with
mountains, sea and forests. There is something for everyone in Canada.

Diane said...

Hi there I love living in Ontario!
As Canadian I am fortunate for the health care,being in Northern Ontario,I love camping,my DH loves snowmobiling in the winter. There is so much to enjoy in our free Country!!!
Thanks for the chance at your awesome candy eh!!!

Amy said...

Awesome blog candy, thanks for sharing with us Canadian Gals.
One thing for sure, I certainly am NOT loving this weather, there's over a foot of snow this morning. Argh! I'm quite done with shovelling, thank-you! :)
Seriously though, things I love, 52 week mat. leave, Lots of great wide open spaces. There are lots of countries in the world that are at war for a chance to have a voice in what their government does. I have that opportunity here. I have fresh water, I have a grocery store near by, I can grow veggies in my garden out back. I am able to stay home because I have a husband, and he is gainfully employed. A lot of women in a lot of other countries can't say that. I am thankful to live here; Where I am able to speak freely, practice the religion of my choice, and where I am safe walking down street. I love living here.

mama teta said...

Thanks for the chance to win the great Canadian blog candy. I live in a small town in Saskatchewan (500 people). I love living in Canada for a number of reasons the fresh air , living 30 min. for a nice clean, clear lake. I didn't have to worry that my children were going to get gunned down at school. We are wonderful country to visit and live. Thanks for the chance to speak out for our country.

Joyful said...

I love the scenery (I live in central Alberta), the sunsets and the trees and all that comes with it. We are so fortunate to have food, shelter and clothing without any wars or conflicts or hardships of that sort.

Thanks for the chance for some candy. Love your tree - I am a nature admirer.

stampinganja said...

What is there not to like about Canada!!
I am loving it here and I am very proud to say that I(6 of us in the family) became Canadian in June 2007 after living here since May 1999.(We came from Holland)
What an honour!!
What a nice card and your blog is very nice.
Thanks, Anja

Angela Thomas said...

I also live in Canada. Canada is the greatest place to live because we have great views - who doesn't love being able to be by the ocean and look out at the mountains at the same time? And Tim Horton's........

Anonymous said...

I live in Manitoba and I absolutely love it. I love winter because it means that I really appreciate the arrival of spring and that first rain we get---it's happening today. Woohoo!

I'd love that stamp set--it would be great to use.

Janet B

Anonymous said...

I live in Manitoba and I absolutely love it. I love winter because it means that I really appreciate the arrival of spring and that first rain we get---it's happening today. Woohoo!

I'd love that stamp set--it would be great to use.

Janet B

andrea murdock said...

Yep, i am a proud Canadian eh!

Hmmm- top of my head what do I love about Canada...ketchup chips, our comedians, poutine...the list goes on and on

Shelby said...

How nice of you to pass along this set! It's awesome!

I think the best thing about living in Canada is the diversity, in people and landscape. I can honestly say that my ideal vacation is a cross-country trip across Canada so that I can see some of the areas out East that I've never been to.

Meli Mitchell said...

I dunno why...but that Canadian stamp set totally made me laugh!
They should TOTALLY have state stamp sets. Like Texas with cowboys...Florida with beaches...California with a Hollywood sign.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet offer to us Canadians. Alot to appreciate, so here goes. It's been wonderful to have grown up here in Canada, all of us with different backgrounds going back generations, growing up as Canadians, able to honour our family's backgrounds. Canadians are very friendly, and friends from all walks of life we consider our family. I also love that you can go north just a couple of hours and be in the north country where I spent alot of my childhood summers, (it's beautiful), at the same time I am close to a major city with much to offer, and living on a Great Lake. Everyone has medical provided to them, which is a huge blessing! We're very lucky to be Canadians and Thank you so much for asking. Have you visited Canada?

Rose Ann said...

I think your card makes a great Father's Day card!! Perfect colors too!

Anonymous said...

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