Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Horse Crazy

Well, my Thanksgiving was nice! And I only picked up a few things on Black Friday because a. I was mostly done and b. Joe ended up working so I couldn't go early like I usually do. So, that meant that pretty much everything that was on my list was gone by the time I got there. Oh well, I'm not too upset about it, everyone will be having pretty good sales up until Christmas anyway. Saturday I tried to organize the house a little and finish putting together my gifts for the annual Sister Dinner my mom, sisters, and I have. I bought everything but the hot cocoa cone that I put in their box. Those were really fun to make (I absolutely LOVE the tag I made for it!) but man, that stuff is not cheap! I used a recipe that called for powdered milk, flavored creamer, Nesquick, powdered sugar, and a few other things. Maybe next time I should just go to Sam's and buy a big can of regular hot chocolate, LOL. Nah, I tried it and it tasted pretty darn good! I will be making those to put in the baskets for Christmas gifts this year. Anyway, Sunday morning came and I had to be up, ready, and out of here by 9:15 because my mom and sister went together this year to buy us all tickets for 'White Christmas' at a local theatre. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't a lot like the movie, which is normal for stage productions but there was a lot of dancing and singing and it was very fun to watch! Plus we were right next to the stage so that was fun! It made me miss the plays I was always in in High School. My Senior year I played Lily in Annie. Remember her? Dumb blonde that only wants money? For some reason my teacher thought I fit that part perfectly. LOL! So, we got out of there, exchanged our gifts, and then I had to drive home in the rain while it was dark. Not fun. I am not a fan of driving at night. My throat started hurting that night and the next morning I felt like a big pile of poo. My whole body hurt, I was tired, had a headache, you know, all the fun stuff! I felt a little better yesterday but still had a sore throat and was tired. I woke up this morning feeling much better and ready to get back on the bloggin wagon!

Ange, Ape, Mis, Nik, Me, Hol, and Mandy (mom took the pic so she isn't in it)

*Little Challenge, if you can pick out which gal is the sister-in-law, I will send you some happy mail!* Family members can't play this one! lol

Singing "Which one of these things is not like the other? Which one of these things is not the same?"

I made some cards with Starving Artistamps rubber that was a bit of a challenge for me. She asked us to do rush batches for a show and I recieved horse stamps. At firt I kind of panicked but once I started playing with them I kind of let the stamps do the talking. Not being that much of a horse person, its really hard to get into that mental state. My niece and cousin's lives revolve a lot around horses which is awesome but it seems like you are either really into them or not at all. That being said I will share my favorite creation from all the horse cards I made. And go figure, the horses are PINK!


  • 6012-B, 6012-C (horses), Medium stitch set, 6012 (sentiment), ornate tooled leather background stamp sets (Starving Artistamps)
  • Pretty in Pink, Certainly Celery, Close to Cocoa CS
  • Versamark, Close to Cocoa, Pretty in Pink inks
  • Cuttlebug flower die
  • brown felt
  • rhinestone brad
I tried and tried to find a glue pad to use with my flocking but nada! The essential glue pad wouldn't have gotten here in time (not that it mattered in the end because I mixed up labels on packages and she didn't get it in time anyway! I'm such an idiot!) and the Pallete glue pad just sucks the whole way around! I cannot get that thing to work any way I try it. Heat, no heat, extra glue from their re-inker bottle. I just want to throw it away for taking up space. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong? Maybe I am too late for help. That is very likely!

Well, I should be back tomorrow with a card made with the new pregnant lady image from Artful Inkables (via SA). She is so pretty! I really like this one!

So, hope all of you had a great Thansgiving!!! Now, go put up your Christmas tree!


Rose Ann said...

Your pink horses are pretty, and look really nice with the green! Love the little flower with the bling too!

Lori Craig said...

love your pink horses. My daughter would be all over that. :) OK..I am guessing Nik because a) she's the only 'N' name and b) she's wearing khaki...all the sisters got the black and grey memo. All of you are gorgeous! What fun to have sisters to hang with like that! :)

Erika H. said...

I am going to get in on this little game...guessing the sis-in-law. My guess is Nik because she is the only one that is not in a shade of black and her face is more round, where as you and your sisters seem to have more narrow shaped faces. I love the pink horse card...the stitching is wonderful.

Gina Wrona said...

well, i'll go with the flow and guess Nik because of everything everybody else already said. ditto