Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pull out those crayons ladies!!

About a month ago I saw a thread on Splitcoast about someone trying crayons with Gamsol. Knutsen24 is who started it but no one ever showed any results. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands thinking that surely they would in no way comapare to the Prismacolor pencils I paid $1 each for! I'll let you decide for yourself!

I used 'Pip & Oggy' from the Doodle Factory Creatures that I got from Starving Artistamps to demonstrate.

The first row uses Rose Art crayons. I found these to blend very easily and retain most of their true color (not diluted when pulled out with the stump). I think they blended so easily because of the large amount of wax in the 'cheaper' crayons.

The second row I did with Crayola. I noticed that it lost a lot of the brightness once I blended and it also didn't blend as easily.

The last row uses Prismacolor pencils. Of course I love using my Prismas! They get a little bolder once blended with the OMS and they blend so smooth.

Okay, so you can decide for yourself but you know I have to tell you my opinion! When it comes down to it crayons are a great fill in if you don't have any Prismacolors or the exact color you want or need. One big drawback with the crayons is the control aspect. They don't have as fine of a tip, nor can they have one really. Here is how I rate them:

Rose Art crayons
Crayola crayons

So, if you are looking for a cheap (and I mean cheap!) way to achieve the look of the Prismas with OMS I would highly reccomend picking up a big pack of Rose Art crayons (and a good sharpener!) the next time you hit the store!

Oh, and one more thing, POST LINKS TO YOUR RESULTS! I wanna see! Show me! Show me! Show me! Now go try!


Wife2TJ said...

Great job with the comparisons!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Nancy said...

I'm confused... wax crayons or pencil crayons?

Rose Ann said...

What a cool comparison, Heidi! I would have never thought Rose Art would be better than Crayola. Great job with this!

dasimonds said...

Nice Job Heidi..
Great job of comparing.. Who would have known. I like seeing all three together so you can really see the difference.
Thanks for sharing.


Trish D said...

Thanks for sharing the result - I had noticed that RoseArt crayons seemed to be more vibrant than the Crayolas just from seeing my kids' creations. But now there's scientific evidence!

And cool tip, too. I do have prismacolor pencils, but just might have to give the crayons a whirl just to see what happens.

Aqsa Rao said...

Thanks for sharing......
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