Thursday, September 06, 2007

And the winners are.......{drumroll}

Sorry this post is a little late, I have had a full and wonderful birthday today!! Thank you all for leaving your birthday wishes for me! I enjoyed reading everyone's favorties gifts and a few made me chuckle! The random numbers picked were.......

#15 Amy (prize #2)

Happy Birthday, Heidi! What a cool party you're throwing for us all. I hope you've bought yourself some fun birthday stamps, too!

Let's see, one year when I was in college, I mentioned something about how useful a swiss army knife would be so I'd have something on hand to open boxes and do other mundane things. My mom said my dad spent hours and hours shopping to find one "dainty" enough :-). My dad hates shopping so I was touched that he'd go to all the trouble (and to imagine -- correctly -- that I wouldn't want something chunky and ugly). Not the most extravagant, but still super special...

#40 Jannette (prize #1)

My favorite gift was just this year, my husband took me home to Neb. (I haven't been home in 6 yrs.) We live in WA state. Anyway 2 days before my vacation he tells me that he's driving me home but I can't tell anyone. So everyone was very surprised to see us and I couldn't have ask for a better gift/trip. Jannette D.


#67 Kim Ross (prize #3)

My best birthday gift was from my husband. Swedish Fish are my favorite candies, and I had been talking about getting some guppies. So he purchased a fish tank for me, and filled it all the way up with Swedish Fish. YUMMY! It was such a surprise! :)

Congrats ladies! Email me or leave a post here with your email and snail mail so I can send out your cooler than cool prizes!

I'll be back later explaining what a spoiled brat I am!!! I had such a great birthday!


Amy said...

Yeah! Thanks, Heidi! Those cats and bird are absolutely adorable!!!

And Kim, if you are reading this, I loved your story!!!

dasimonds said...


Jannette said...

Thank you so much!! I never win any thing. I've sent you my address.
Jannette D

Christi said...

Congratulations Jannette, Amy, and Kim!!

Heidi, I am so glad to hear that you had a great birthday! :)

Tracey said...

The 6th is my birthday as well! Hope you had a happy day!

Susan T said...

Okay winners - First of Congratulations! But more importantly, now that you're getting these cool stamps, why not use them on a card and submit it to the smART Card Stamping Contest. The current deadline is Sept, 30, so you still have plenty of time...and who knows??? You might win some more cool stuff!

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